Tired of Weighing Packs? I may have a solution maybe?

Hey guys. I had a dream last night and I just realized something. Why don’t we X-Ray the packs. Forget about weighing them on a scale, this is a sure fired way to find the cards of your dreams and take the gambling component out of it. Using an X-Ray, one could find a holo, reverse, and full art based on what the x-ray sees as metallic. I used to mess with a X-Ray machine a while back that was homemade with some vacuum tubes but now that I think about it, I may make another one to test this theory out. Who thinks this is a plausible idea?


‘Man gives self acute cancer trying to Xray trading cards with homemade Xray- more at 11 on Channel 7’


Last time I made this I had a Geiger counter and some lead shielding.

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This is a bad idea. Also, if the middle layer of all cards has graphite in it, then I’m guessing your idea wouldn’t work.

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Ive tried this before at work… its just a lot easier to weigh them lol


Florida man vibes


Let us all join hands and pray


Florida man accidentally burns down local hospital, killing 17 and injuring dozens more, after trying to xray a sealed pack of Pokemon cards. More on this story after the break.


…it sounds like potentially a candidate for a Darwin Award. Worth a shot.


You don’t need to use ionizing radiation to detect metal. A common metal detector that people use on the beach for example. They’ve also been able to read a few pages deep using NIR (near infra-red) lasers of very old historic books that they’d rather not open. None of these are practical for use on Pokemon cards but if you had the time and money I’d say it’s definitely possible to determine the cards inside a closed pack using EM radiation. But it would never happen because you can just buy the cards you want or leave it up to pack RNG and still come out ahead.

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Get a superpowerful magnet and see if it can lift the pack off a flat surface


You are right. But I would like to know if I had gotten a full art or just a holo. That is what the X-Ray machine is for. Lets SUCK OUT THE FUN of opening pokemon booster packs and turn it into a science.

Get a pinhole camera and make the smallest slit at the fold of the pack and slide the camera in


We have XRF analyzers at work that we use to identify metal alloy type. Perhaps something like this would work. We can identify metal through all kinds of packaging and I’m sure these $50k machines could be calibrated to discern holo packs somehow.

Or you know we could stick with $8 pocket 0.01g scales.


Look, I am getting some dentist xray head and I need to justify a good use for it. And have some fun experimenting.

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Better: Train sniffer dogs to smell cards in their pack by their set number, holo, holo-pattern, swirls, errors, centering, edge/corner whitening and surface.

Bark twice for a potential PSA 10 candidate holo, bark twice for PSA 8/9 candidate and thrice for everything else.


The obvious solution is a nanobot that makes an imperceptible hole in the pack to enter and then takes note of every card. Could apply light pressure air puff while inside the pack to shift the holo card enough to reveal details so you could scan for Charizards as well.

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There’s no way an xray is going to discern different cards. Just imagine running a pack of cards through the airport scanner. It will just look like a black mass. That’s why you need something to detect a specific material within the holofoil or you’ll need a well calibrated laser and a machine sensitive enough to measure laser reflection times to read elevated ink blobs above the card background. And for the former a scale can do the same thing for the most part of determining a holo.

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Oh well. There goes my dream of easy cards. ;(

Just imagining someone going into dollar tree trying to x Ray the packs lmao.