Thoughts on SM9 Tag Bolt / Team Up

i’m a vintage collector, but i recently bought some japanese SM9 Tag Bolt booster boxes. in my opinion, these are some of the best artworks in the new card gen since 2010, also thanks to mitsuhiro arita. plus the fact that many old pokemons are in there makes it even better to me, i can’t stand the new pokemons and i never was a fan of rainbow rare stuff.

any general thoughts on the set? how do you like it? and maybe good as a small investment for the future? obviously those will never skyrocket, but usually when i like a set, it gains in value because i’m very strict in collecting newer cards.

i think you’ve answered your own question: it’s very risky to invest in modern cards period, because it has a lot less going for it than the vintage. you name it: print runs, ease of grading, lack of history, etc. if you are strictly investing, steer away. if you are just in it for fun to see if you get a lottery card, know your odds are super low.


nah, i’m not strictly investing, but i bought quite alot of those booster boxes because i really like the art and i think it has potential for small growth over the time. but i will open most of the booster packs anyways i guess :wink:

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What yz2428 says is true. It is simply more risky to invest in modern because of all the uncertain variables that haven’t fully been fleshed out. If you are going to invest in it then try to get the product for as cheap as possible to limit your downside risk overall.

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there is no risk for me :blush:

I have bought a few boxes and also completed the set as I really like the artwork in general, especially the Arita tag team cards and the fact that it has - in my opinion - a really good looking Charizard and Blastoise as regular cards.

I’m not expecting to make any money, but I’m expecting to have a ton of fun in 10 years opening up those boxes with my son whom I also completed the set with. So if at all possible I’m already feeling nostalgic about this 16 month old set :blush:


totally agree!