Price of Vintage at the moment?

Anyone notice the price of vintage cards are really affordable right now? I’m not complaining because I’m able to grab some cards for my collection but just something I’ve noticed.

Let me know your thoughts and if you’re picking anything up due to the prices currently.




They’ve been affordable (relatively speaking, anyway) for a while now. Still way up from pre-pandemic, but affordable, nonetheless.

I think people still have late 2020 and early 2021 prices in the back of their minds, and that rapid growth obviously wasn’t sustainable. At least not in the short term. Prices have certainly dipped, but they are still nowhere near as low as they were four years ago.

That’s why I find all of the sudden vintage bashing to be really funny (not referring to you OP; just speaking in general). People will talk about how prices of vintage aren’t moving and how vintage cards don’t hold value like modern in 2023. Go take a look at 2019 prices and then tell me that vintage doesn’t hold value.

This same thing happened between 2016 and 2018. Prices spiked in the back half of 2016, continue climbing in 2017 and then saw a dip in the back half of 2017 and into 2018.

It’s like all of these people have ridiculously short-term memories.


The way it should be

I will stick to my msrp modern tyvm

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They may have short-term memories, or they just got into the hobby in 2020.


Yep, but like @PokemonClassics says…

Care to chime in?

Still too high


While this is mostly true, there are some people who were in the hobby before 2020 who are saying this.


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Been buying a bunch as I love the old artworks. I primarily buy nostalgia for myself. Been grabbing many Fossil/Jungle/Neo holos in PSA 10 for sub $100 each, and base PSA 9 holos for far under too.

Wild to me! I love it :blush:


Japanese or English unlimited?

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I think vintage is a solid value right now. A lot of it has declined since the 2020/2021 hype prices. I’ve been buying quite a bit since late last year and some this year as well. There actually was a bit of uptick in vintage earlier in the year it seems, but it’s tapered off a bit lately I think.

Anyway, I find it’s been much more stable the past 6+ months or so and I think the heavy selling/price declines are mostly over unless something drastically changes fundamentally from here where demand comes to a halt or people continually were to lose interest.

I’ve said it on here a few times, but I feel vintage will continue to see more linear growth from here and perhaps less exponential gains. However, anything is possible. A lot can change in a short time in this type of market as we’ve seen. In the end, if you enjoy collecting these cards, I wouldn’t get too hung up on the short-term prices and just enjoy the longer journey of collecting as it fits your budget & goals as a collector.


I agree with you, but im open to the possibility the market is changing. And in the favor of modern.

People preferring modern to vintage because of the fact majority of people are getting in or back into collecting since 2020. I got in in the neo era so thats where i appreciate the most, people getting in now are appreciating the current era the most. As am I since ive gotten back in.

Who’s ready for the 30th anniversary spike in a few years? Lol
But seriously, as many above have said we keep seeing happen with Pokémon. Just keep the big market picture in mind. Since 1999 it’s been a slow and steady increase.


I’m just curious what modern cards are doing so well in comparison? Outside of trophies, boxes or hard to grade cards, everything is cooling off.

I think part of the vintage hate is completely irrational and/or a way to nip at the ankles of veterans. I just love reading the “shill, protecting vintage bags”, thinking that everyone bought when they joined in 2020 at peak prices.

My recent trophy kangaskhan sale is the perfect example of what I mean. That post I shared from ig immediately had people hating on it for being vintage. And because the previous sale was 170k, it’s “down, bad, etc”, yet it sold for more than any modern card. Oh and the kicker is for the smooth brained morons who say “protecting bags”, I bought it for $3500.


There is definitely a lot of value to be find in vintage Pokemon.
Yes prices are up compared to 2019 but so is the awareness.

Modern on the other hand is where im seeing the first question marks appear.
Why cards are going down? or why has my etb not increased in value?
This is the first time im seeing this over the last 3 years.
Im very curious how many of the ‘fast money’ pokestonkers are going to leave the market over the coming years or maybe even switch to vintage.


I’ve gotten some from both :slight_smile:

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95% sure many respond with negativity due to being priced out. I don’t actually think they mean to, but it’s an emotional response. If they can only afford modern, and get hard over $20 in profit, they have full conviction that it will change their life in a few years (and it could :man_shrugging:).

I respect those hustling to flip cards/boxes and make numerous sales per month. Those with more capital and careers don’t talk. Most just hold until the dollar amount means something to them.

Example: If someone makes between $100k-$200k a year, it wouldn’t make sense to hustle for a lower hourly cost. It would be a better bet to buy 1 card for $1k and wait until it hits $2k-$3k.
If someone makes $20-$50k per year, it may make sense to go hard on the side to flip modern and just keep building up.

  • BTW, I know you know this Scott. Just wanted to piggyback:sweat_smile: :handshake:
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Well said, this is the kind of expression I had in mind. Most of what I’ve read myself on this topic (which excludes most social media and comment sections thank god) reads as lukewarm cheekiness. Every so often it goes from lukewarm to boiling and hooliganism ensues.

Like with other subjects, there seems to be a pretty defined line between the people who insist on making things personal and the people who purposely stay away from it.