Thoughts on PSA Collectors Vault?

I just got my recent Subs sent to PSA Vault, tbh it does feel more like a NFT now rather than an actual Physical card in my collection xD. I do like the fact I can manage all the cards I plan to sell in 1 place and just keep the cards at home that I never plan to sell. What is your overall thoughts on the vault and would you use it?

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all the vaults basically provide the same service, if anything ebay might be the best vault just because its backend is the most robust selling platform. I think in general they are a trend and will have a smaller presence in 5 years.

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I use PWCC and have found the vault quite useful but in general vaults do seem to be more useful for dealers. If vaults had attractive public display options and the ability to easily trade with others I think they would be more popular.