Thoughts on possible fake 1st edition Charizard in a PSA cas

Hello everyone. I just wanted to pick everyones brain about this new ebay listing. Besides the Red Flag of this being offered by a new seller. When I checked the PSA number on this card, the number is registered to a Gem Mint 10 Charizard yet this guy is selling a Mint 9 Charizard.

What are everyones thoughts?

Ebay listing:

Cards picture is from this thumbnail of a Youtube Video from 2015.


Most likely the card was bought and re-graded as a 10 as the PSA serial shows.

So yeah, don’t touch it.

Little tip for anyone who doesn’t know, if an auction looks fishy you should always reverse google image search the picture to see what comes up!

Is something like this report able to Ebay? The auction is already to 480 last time I looked.

Did the listing get deleted? When I clicked on the link, it said it was invalid!

Yeah, it got deleted. It was up 890 before it got taken down.

Ok, thanks for confirming!