Those goldstars (pictures included)

Hi guys, remember when I posted about that awesome goldstar lot?
Well, the seller agrees with 500 euro (= currently $690)

I got more pictures, and I noticed some things;

  • Groudon & Suicune are french (I already have an english Suicune)
  • Some have damaged corners (Alakazam, Regice (!!), Latios)
  • And I guess some have white borders at the back, I don’t know which ones but I’ll ask.

Here are pictures:

I think they are no more worth the 500 euro, what do you guys think? The Raquaza, Charziard, Umbreon & Espeon do look ok…

Thank you already guys!

Will be interesting to see once you actually get the cards to see the condition. I feel like if even half of them are in Near Mint or better the buy is a decent one. Even if you can’t get them graded it’s good to pick up pretty much every Gold Star in one go, and you will definitely be able to sell them on if you aren’t happy with keeping the badly conditioned ones.

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Yeah, true and if I think that I only pay ~20 euro a piece ($27), I sure can sell each one for $27 I think

I think you can keep your money :wink:

If you look closely, you can see a lot of damages on the corners of much cards …
Moreover, you can’t see if cards have scratches (I think they have a lot).

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Just to warn you I think 20 gbd is closer to 33.50 usd

I would avoid it. Everything looks more damaged than I would have expected and collectors looking for long-term value would be deterred from purchasing them. I can’t say whether or not the seller is experienced in grading cards either. Keep in mind that it is so much easier to find a good deal than sell for a good price, and you might be overpaying on that collection.

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Thanks for the reactions guys, I didn’t see so much damaged corner but when I looked again; true! Even more damaged then I thought! I try to get a little bit lower or if I can purchase not all cards, only the ones in good condition.

I’m not sure what’s going internally for you right now but I’ve been in multiples situations where I wanted something bad so I tried to force a deal even with it being poorer quality that I wanted and I ended up regretting it and losing money. You may just want to wait and collect these over time one by one.

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I would abandon ship at this point.

I’ll NEVER buy lots of cards. Too many damaged/played cards.

I said no, there was another guy offering 500,- and that guy now also said no when he saw beter pictures.