Thermal Shipping Label Printers

Hey Guys,

Anyone have a thermal label printer of choice for use with PayPal?

Or, does anyone have a horror story about thermal label printers and what they use now in the aftermath?

My printer just gave up today and it’s the excuse I need to switch to something more suited to label printing specifically, which is 98% of my printer usage.

Links to purchase are appreciated with recommendations!


@ssjc and few discord folks i think have one!

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Zebra is always a winner. Bought mine used a few years back and its still running strong with no issues.

This. Zebra is the go-to brand of thermal printers in any warehouse for speed and quality vs. cost and maintenance.

Which do you use?

LP 2844-Z

Mason recommended the Brother QL-700. It’s easy & fast. I like it a lot.

Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer


I use the DYMO Labelwriter 4XL - LOVE IT!!!

I’ve had this printer for awhile (5+ Years) - and have never had any issues with it.


I use the Zebra gk420d thermal printer, I bought one used at a bargain price. It prints 4" x 6" labels which is ideal for me through ebay royal mail hermes and amazon

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I work at a mailing house. We use the Zebra ZP450 to print shipping labels. Have at least 5 of them and they never have issues.

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Now you all have really confused Charlie lol.


I remember the brother thermal printers to be really good, and what was widely used around the office.

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This has been on my list for at least 2 or 3 years. Once my backlog of a few thousand labels runs out I am going to go for a brother or dymo thermal printer. I have a brother HL2240 laser right now that I love so that will probably skew me in that direction. I’ve had no issues with it, I just prefer the smaller footprint and cheaper operating costs of a thermal.


I love it! Haha. It’s great to see what other people are using. I’d rather pick from a dozen suggestions made by the great people here than buy from a misleading affiliate ad that SEO suckered me into clicking through Google. :blush:

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That’s for sure;)

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I have a QL-570, works like a charm. I recommended the QL series before and someone pointed out that you cannot print USPS shipping labels with them. But now I second guess that statement because I assume you print alot of those on the QL.

If I’m wrong someone please correct me, the issue I have with the brother ql-700 is you can’t print international labels through eBay.

I haven’t looked into if there’s a larger roll that will allow the international labels to be printed through it, so if there is a size that will work someone please chime in and let me know, I’d be grateful to be wrong.

I have a Brother ql-700 and haven’t been able to print international labels through eBay. It is the only bad thing about the printer I’ve found.

Can you just shrink to fit through scaling? I use the half sheet labels and international labels are a bit too big for those too so I just print them at 80% scale. Never have used a thermal printer so I have no idea if this is an option. Actually since I saw how it worked well for international labels and it saves a bit of ink I just print everything at something like 80-90% scale. #0000 envelopes like the smaller labels anyways.