Label printers for Mac/macbook

I was looking to get a label printer for my MacBook, I tried my buddies and it wasn’t compatible. Anyone know of any that for sure work?

Look at

I use a Dymo 4XL with my MacBook. There are config guides online.


BEST Thermal Printer!

It’s a bit costly; however, I’ve been using my Dymo 4XL for 5+ Years without a single issue.

The forum is constantly looking for good investments and a good thermal printer is one with guaranteed returns. Initial capital outlay is higher but the operating costs are extremely low and they last a long time. Definitely the cheapest option in the long run.

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100% Agree!

I’ve saved SO MUCH over the years not having to purchase Ink for my Shipping Labels! Plus, it looks sooo much better and more professional having labels vs. printing sheet of paper and taping onto package.