Help! Laptop!

Ok I need a laptop and looking to anyone has knowledge on this stuff. I want a laptop that can do everything such as watching videos, gaming, and pure browsing. I want to spend $1500 or less. I hear The MacBook and Alienware are very good. Also the Asus laptops are pretty good. Let me know if you guys have any knowledge on this stuff.

I am in the exact same situation! My laptop broke and I need a new one :stuck_out_tongue:
I shall be watching this thread :neutral_face:

If you want to run games a Mac would not be good for that. I am no expert on laptops by any means, but if it is between alienware and mac, aleianware all day.

Oh and don’t shop at best buy. My brother worked there and told me how no one knows anything, which is evident anytime you talk to someone who works there (sorry if anyone works at Bestbuy).

Haha alright thanks. Anyone hear good things or have had experience with the Dell Xps line?

I have a two year old dell xps and it hasn’t aged well. Firstly, it runs hot, like if you put it on your lap, you will have burn marks after a certain amount of time. Mine heats up to the point where it will just die, and I have to wait a while before restarting. It also runs slow now, versus how lightning fast it was 2 years ago.

My sister got a new dell xps, it isn’t as hot as mine but she says the speed starts slowing down real quick after using it. It’s pretty good she says, but not as good as her mac.

Which new Dell xps does she have? The 13 or 15? My family all uses MacBooks but for some reason I feel awkward using the
Compared to a pc laptop.

She bought the 13. It’s great and reliable but she says the mac is faster.

The only reason you should consider buying a Mac is for fast internet browsing and working with videos and pictures. Anything beyond that should be PC.

I wouldn’t recommend an HP. When you first get them, they seem amazing, but soon after you start to notice all the problems. My Pavillion dv4 overheated like a mofo and even with a cooling fan, it literally killed itself from overheating.
I am currently using my sister’s HP Pavillion g6. She bought it at Best Buy, but the cool thing is that Geek Squad went through and removed all the useless Windows programs and what not that slow it down. So, the laptop is really fast. Also, since it is newer, it has a better fan system, so I haven’t experienced any overheating.

A few years ago, I was looking to buy a really nice laptop (but it never happened) and through my research, I found that ASUS laptops tend to be the best. Alienware and Sony are also up there, but they can be quite expensive.

@haze – I have experience with ASUS laptops, too. I used to own an Eee PC a couple of years ago. ASUS devices are renowned for their durability; they can withstand quite a bit of abuse. In addition, the battery is one of the longest-lasting batteries amidst other laptop brands; it is perfect for travel. The benchmarks aren’t too shabby, either. I believe it is definitely something to consider, especially if you cannot spend a lot of money for a laptop.

I believe Alienware is the quintessential video game machine; it was built for playing every game imaginable. However – like Daelum mentioned previously, they can be quite expensive.

Hello! I have an Asus laptop and it is amazing! The great thing about Asus is that they tend to be less expensive than Apple and Alienware computers.

I’ll mention that I live in Canada, so perhaps an identical laptop sold in the U.S. (assuming you live there :wink: ) would be a bit less expensive?

It works well for every requirement that you listed, including gaming.

The specifications are as follows:

CPU: AMD A6 - 3420M 1.5GHz
HDD: 750GB
Graphics: Radeon HD 7670M 1.0GB
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

I paid $550 CAD for this. You could get a newer, faster A8 series processor for about $50 more I think. I agree with the above post by Unique Username that the battery life is superb (around 4.5-5 hours).

If that doesn’t work for you, sells amazing custom gaming computers. I’ve purchased two gaming desktops and another gaming laptop from them. If you decide to go that route and need help choosing specifications, let me know!


Well which would be cheaper a custom or a really good Asus

Aren’t AMD processors and boards crap? I was told to believe that AMD was the lower class of computer parts.

That could be true, but I haven’t heard that myself. Speaking from personal experience, I have had two desktop computers (one with an older Intel quadcore processor and one with an older AMD quadcore processor) and two gaming laptops (one with an intel i7 processor and one with the AMD A6). I’ve also had a Dell XPS desktop which aged terribly.

I am currently using an AMD desktop and an AMD laptop. Both were less expensive than the Intel computers I have owned, and I see NO difference in terms of quality (aside from the fact that the battery life in my custom laptop running an i7 had a half hour battery life, which may not be the processors fault).

Once you add an i7 processor you’re looking at paying closer to $1000 if not more (including the other specifications I listed). Why not buy the AMD and spend the rest on Pokemon cards? :grin:

** This is just my opinion. I am not a computer expert (I did take Computer Sciences in post secondary for a year but decided to pursue another field). Also, I’m not one of those awesome Best Buy employees :wink: builds custom laptops, and estimates what framerates it can run games at as well. I bought a gaming desktop from them, and everything went smoothly, and their customer support is really good.