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Charizard can’t tear an ACL


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dang… pwcc getting desperate :rofl:

Has anyone actually used the “link” downside protection insurance on pwcc? Im paying for an order and after entering my credit details it gives me the option to get loss of value protection from the company link. So if i buy a slab and it goes down I can get paid out on the difference? What world do we live in haha

I’ve never heard of this before but that sounds like an awful choice for PWCC. Perhaps worse than their practice of giving adolescents tens of thousands of dollars in mini-loans to buy shiny cardboard.

What’s the timeline on it going down? Like in the shipping time?

Definitely down from the 70k back in the spring and half of the 100k from the boom. But still a big sale nonetheless


Hot take, PWCC was more fun when it was monthly and on eBay


100% agree and I think a lot of people do too

Been a while since I requested a payout and things have changed, my saved details are gone. Can anyone in the UK who uses PWCC tell me if the account # is my actual account number or my IBAN? Thanks

was fun until they got banned, but the opening of vault really helped tremendously


I got a notification the other day about a submission that I didn’t create. I just saw in my vault that one of my cards is now scanned into the vault with more stickers on it, title is “ineligible”. This is the error Koga’s Ninja trick card with the “swastika” (not really) and I’m wondering if this is some woke crap that happened to this card. Anyone else experiencing this?

Does it let you put in an edit request? Ask them what’s up with it in a request. They usually respond to those very quickly

They told me they are looking into it. It looks like all the error versions have been pulled off of the fixed price marketplace.

If there was a complete removal of that card from PWCC, it would be coming from the new owners (Fanatics). Keep us posted, I’m curious what they’ll say.

Smooth-brained Americans not being able to understand the difference between the buddhist swastika and the nazi swastika episode 500.


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Yes, let’s move it back to PWCC deals or cool finds. Maybe occasionally when they screw up or do weird things, like pulling my card and not telling me why.