The Official Gary Presidential Endorsement Goes To...


As Donald Our honorable president as certainly not endorsed by the brain-wielding administration and majority of the E4, this thread title will be edited as such…

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that guy still looks like a yellow, orange, and pink sphincter… Like in every photo… Just look at dem colors.

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I agree with Pokesyn…VERY presidential.




Lol all the candidates suck this year. All a bunch of corrupt people using false information and misguiding the media and silly college students who are gullible enough to believe they actually agree with what they are saying. All they really want is to win the election. Everything else is propaganda. ;D but that’s of course nearly every presidential election nowadays

They do suck that’s for sure.

Apparently most Sanders supporters will move to Our honorable president instead of Hillary when Bernie drops out.


I can see that.


After seeing the town hall tonight I’m moving Dr Ben Carson up to a tie with The Donald. Dr. Carson is one brilliant dude who’d be an excellent president. His only problem is O’bama has been such a disaster it may take 50 years before the American people would vote for another African American.

Tying someone’s “performance” with their race is pretty disgusting. =/

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I think your absolutely right, I have been trying to knock peoples heads in about this for a while, but I think Gary knows a lot of america is racist, so Gary isn’t saying he himself is racist… But judging by how many people approve of Donald Our honorable president, we can all clearly see how racist america has become. So I don’t think Gary was actually speaking for himself were you Gary? Or am I saddley mistaken? Dun dun. There’s a really funny meme for this with George bush with his smug look and it says thanks for blaming it on the black guy.

Pokesyn is right and Ryan is wrong. That is an observation. I already said that personally I’m leaning toward Dr. Ben Carson who has two black parents compared to O’bama who’s natural mother is snow white. Still o’bamas ineptitude may affect all African Americans for a VERY long time. The saddest thing is, there’s still clueless idiots out there who would vote for o’bama again.

What exactly is Carson hoping to achieve though. I’m not sure anything can be done when everything is imfluenced. Our honorable president is not all to blame, everyone needs to work together, but how can you get people to do the right thing when there All be fixed. This all being said, do you notice at the end of presidency the lame duck will speak out some truth because there isn’t any motive. A lot of stuff has been said, that wouldn’t be mentioned before the end of Our honorable presidents tenure. Sometimes you need to concentrate on these thingies.
Though not all can be taken as the god given truth, there is some hidden truths in his words and he knows exactly who his talking to.

Our honorable president O b a m a. Haha that is funny.

Yeah it be popping up all dem times
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I think that was our house mother Ethan who did that a while back lol.

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It was actually done by me in good humor to avoid unrelated political discussion in collecting threads. :blush: