Instead Of Climbing Into The Trash Can, Put The Lid On It

I’ve spent very little time on here lately and the reason is because there’s too much negativity permeating on this once amazing site. We still have many great people here who love the hobby and don’t cast shade on others. But, sadly, too many Debbie Downers are here now who care less about the health of the hobby and more about attacking and bullying. I wish there was a way to erase them here like you can block on YouTube. It’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying the multi-level marketing community so much. The only hating comes from those outside the community so it means nothing. Unlike with Pokémon, there’s nothing but love and respect within the community, very much like how Pokémon was the first 15 years.

The meme is pretty much my solution to help solve a problem.
Block, unsubscribe and cancel all of the negative people on all your social media and from your lives. They would cancel you or your friends too if it would net them some subs or followers. Remember, they cancelled a wonderful youtuber recently who for years has been a positive influence. Did he make a mistake? Has he done 10,000 positive things? Best response is to spend the time on something positive and informative (like you see with Quaador or Austin Matthew’s or Pokémon Classics).
Play your part and take the trash out. This hobby we all love shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s not bulletproof. In fact, it’s being eaten from within.






was gary hacked again?


Hi, I saw you hug Bonnie on your charity livestream. Remember that’s syndicate’s future wife! :sunglasses:

When I’m dead just throw me in the trash


Gary, the last few years have been a great ego boost for the “King” Pokemon. I believe you, yourself, are a little bit of a clout chaser. I really have no hate for you or anyone else on this forum and I don’t mind people who are in it just for supposed fame.

But I do think promoting another tcg with a ripped Pokemon card in the Pokemon card general section is inappropriate.


Not a single word above about Michael which is what this is based on.

With all respect: “multi-level marketing” = “MLM,” i.e, pyramid schemes.

Is gary saying that he’s hanging out with pyramid schemers a la amway, avon, herbalife, or mary kay, and that he’s “enjoying” these people?
I’m 100% w/gary about people being very negative and toxic recently in the hobby, particularly, newbs, but still…

People generally find the people you have begun to surround yourself with to be disingenuous clout chasers themselves, whose philanthropic efforts are seen as nothing more than ways to promote themselves and give themselves more exposure. Personally I tend to agree with this consensus and it’s a great shame because I believe, and have said this before, that your heart is in the right place Gary.

People reacted negatively to Multi-level marketing when the first info on it came out because of the actions of the creator and the shady marketing tactics that he was employing. There has been nothing done or proven to show that this wasn’t the case, and from my point of view all that’s happened is that he has been successful in his ploy. So when people decide they don’t like something, and then all that happens is the people who do like it try to push it down peoples throats even more, what do you expect to happen?

As much as people are toxic as fuck about anything the don’t like these days you need to recognize that you can’t just throw out the word haters as a way to dispel and not address criticism.

You are 100% correct in saying that E4 has changed, a lot. And whilst nobody can take away the contributions you have made to this forum and the Pokemon TCG collecting hobby in general (for which many people would not be here without your past positive influence). Maybe this just isn’t the place for you anymore? If you feel happier spending time with your Multi-level marketing and Social Media friends then spend your time there. A place doesn’t change for one person and I fear all you will find is misery here if you can’t reconcile the fact that people can have their own opinions on something and they don’t have to like something just because you want them to.


Clout chasers are wannabes. All we’re trying to do is raise as much money as possible for our autistic kids. I’ve been told many times to ignore criticism like yours, though it is kind of proving my point.


I don’t even know what this is in reference to?


Hey Gary, I am sorry, maybe I don’t have enough information here. I don’t understand what this thread or my comment has to do with your charities! I think everyone on E4 appreciates your contribution in the hobby, there is no denying that.

I am also confused about the “RIP Ando” is he ok? I used to watch him in the early days of poketubing. I haven’t seen any news

I have no idea who any of these people are but this sounds like someone’s who’s gotten in too deep to an MLM scam and is in major denial.


It reads like this is an accusation that negativity on e4 caused unlistedleaf to quit? I just don’t see the connection.

I wouldn’t disagree that there’s much more negativity on e4 and in the hobby more generally but I don’t see really any of it on here directed at unlistedleaf specifically? There was the occasional thread and definitely people that arent into his content but most criticism here toward him was directed at the spread of misinformation, and I’m recalling this from threads that are now years old.

I cant speak to any of this since he’s rarely ever brought up here and I just dont care for his content so I dont watch it. Of course I feel for him, I can only imagine the type of negativity he reads daily but I think you lose me and the members with other confused comments because this doesn’t really seem to be an e4-specific issue? I’d imagine the majority of members here dont even consume or think about his content

I think metapoo is also a MASSIVE red herring in this thread if your main point is about unlistedleaf


I didn’t even make the connection that this thread was about unlistedleaf.


The hateful actions of the minority seems to penetrate into the consciousness of the weak. I’m simply saying that the weak should stand up to them. They are harmful to the hobby some of us have tried so hard to progress. When even Scott gets horribly stalked and threatened and Ando doesn’t even want to get out of bed, well then we should all be concerned.

As far as MZ is concerned, they have been a godsend to autistic kids and adults alike though our collaborative charities. Just this week The Collaboration Center, UNLV’s Project Focus, and Touro University Autism center have invited Michael (MZ founder), Thuan, and I to see how our very respectable donations are being used. Even though we’re all busy, we will all be there.
Instead of casting shade on anybody else, why not take that time and come visit some of the orgs that were helping. You would be very impressed though of course there’s so much more to do.

No direct connection of course.