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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

  • Yes
  • No

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I didn’t vote because I’ve only seen parts of it, but I once asked someone why Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Their answer was “It takes place at Christmas”. Is that enough?

No is the right answer. Die Hard 3 is the real Christmas movie.

Watched it for the first time last night actually.

Christmas is trotted out at set dressing multiples times, so much so that it is clearly intentional. And Christmas is pivotal to the plot - it’s the reason the party is happening and the reason Bruce Willis is in LA.

Due to this I’d say it’s a Christmas movie.


Huge blow to the ayes.

(It’s a Wonderful Life was released on the 7th of January, arguably too late if release date is a factor)

WIkipedia classes it as a Christmas film and Wikipedia got me through the 2000s copy and pasting essays before teachers caught on.

I trust them.