The Marill collection.

I will be posting all my marill related items here I hope you guys are able to help me grow my collection:D!


Do you have the neo intro pack one? That one is super sweet!

Yes! Another single-pokemon collector!

I love Marill. Back when the second generation of Pokemon came out in Japanese, all of my friends back in Middle School called Marill “Pikablue” thinking it was somehow related. It all started with that Southern Islands Japanese cards when they first came out. Marill’s art has been remained one of the top forms of nostalgia for me as it really kick-started the excitement over new Pokemon that I no longer feel. XD

What got you into collecting Marill?

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Welcome to the forums! I love these kind of collections.

That Marill from Delta Species convinced me to look at a bunch of similar cards. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont i really want it.

I saw your collection and it motivated me to post mine :grin:. i have no idea what got me started with marill i just saw a card and fell in love with the blue ball.


Oh man, gotta love ‘Pikablu the pokegod’ lol

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That ana Maril looks great! The southern island card is one of my favorites. I remember my younger brother traded three holos back in the day for one. The artwork in that set is beautiful.

I think that Maril was originally released as the Tropical Present fan club promo. That might be a card you would want. If not, there is the much cheaper postcard that comes with the complete southern island set.

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yea i love the island one im looking for the sealed pack with marill in the window. I have the post card last picture and i definitely want that tropical present is it jumbo?

@viperfox thats really cool whats the price and rarity on those ?

What did you start out with for your Marill collection? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to say the neo one that came in a package

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There are a few Marill collectors around I know on pkmncollectors. I can ask around for you to see if they have any spares.

please do!

is this card your grail?

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i dont want to talk about it ='[


really awesome collection

haven’t updated in a while bought some cards online and picked up a few at worlds. I also got some cards i been looking for so i figured i would share.


Don’t forget the neo intro deck marill, it is awesome!

you mean the totodile one?