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I wanted to celebrate two past initiatives. Indexing the many collection threads and articles on E4 was a massive undertaking. These efforts helped centralize topics that forum members invested countless hours into. I thought sharing them would give long-time members a moment to remember how far the forum has come. And for newer members, the opportunity to discover the wealth of knowledge and passion on E4.

@pokemontrader The Index of Elite Fourum Articles

@brendantheclayboy The Index of Elite Fourum Collections


They are great resources! It’s on my todo list to make an updated version of the Article index and to polish up a lot of the older ones


It would be nice a index of all the threads in the forum clickable from the home page, it would help (at least me) to navigate throught the forum without making doubles of the same topic I know there’s a tool for that while making a new one but I’d like this too

How would that work? Technically the homepage is an index of all threads, broken down into category. There are 25k+ threads, how could you meaningfully summarize them in one index that isn’t overwhelming?

a general index divided by categories redirecting to the others like a tree diagram.

Maybe it’ll be annoying to click 3-4 times to see exactly the threads you are searching for but to me it makes sense.

Furthermore, internet pages are not like book pages and can be connected together in more than a unique way, so one same thread can appear in more indexes due to its relevance.

I know it’s not easy and maybe most of the users don’t even care about it, but to me it’s a valid option since this forum is, at least to me, like a wiki for infos more than an actual forum to chat.
Guides are one of the use we make of the threads after all.

Just 6 categories to me it’s too small to search. And threads are listed by last answers and not in alphabetical order so it’s harder to find something specifically, mostly if you want to discover something you don’t know anything about so you don’t have much keywords to use the “search” button

What a great resource - it’s almost hard to believe that this level of depth and information is readily available to those of us who never contributed to any of it (almost, please keep it free for peasants like me :slight_smile: ). Talk about having a leg up if you want ideas or background on a card/set/artist/release/history/etc. Hoping to add to the collection list at some point in the future!

I think the biggest issues are overlapping threads that share a lot of the same information, titling of threads varies greatly, and collectively agreeing on how such a large section of threads should be distinguished is near impossible.

Tags are already a great way of categorizing threads beyond the Article/General/Collecting/etc sections, it just takes time to go through the most important ones and label them in an appropriate way. Let’s not forget an overwhelming majority of articles and guides were created back on the proboards format so it may take time to properly label the old ones and there are only a handful of mods with any amount of free time on their hands


This sure is a problem, not a big one, since the same thread can go in more than one index, it’s just a matter of time and effort to put in it to do, as the other things you said.

I just discovered tags, they are just listed by the use of them, they are not in alphabetical order and not categorized, so even them are hard (and confusing) to use as a tool of research, but it’s still a great idea to help find something specific.

Creating threads (that redirect to other threads) is something we common users can do without make the mods overwork, some users already are creating indexes, and since they are just topics, other users can help by replying with what works better and what doesn’t.

Back on my utopia, if admins don’t want to put the main index in the home page we can just bookmark it and use it as we please.
But after all is just an idea, I’d like to see other alternatives and valutate them, like the one you mentioned with the tags.

Sorry if I’m taking the thread in a wrong direction than the original one

You’d probably like the “docs” feature which is currently criminally underlitilized. It only includes threads with specific tags but allows you to drill down into each tag

There’s like 10000 ways to improve the site and I’m just one guy so if you have suggestions on how to structure the tags in docs / reorder all information, I’m happy to hear it


I’m Sorry but I don’t get how to use this feature, It just shows 9 topics, should It be like the tag function? You choose one or more and It shows up all the threads that include the doc(s) chosen?

I now just added all the topics in the Articles category to the docs page, maybe it will help clarify how it works


Are you able to increase the amount of tags from 5 to 10 please? I have some old articles that have locked tags that I can’t remove and I can’t add any more meaningful tags to them :heart:

It does, thank you!
And both tags and topic titles can be ordered alphabetically on this function.
Now this is a cool way to organize, thank you again

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This really looks so much easier to navigate via tags. Thanks for this categorization. Really helps a lot.


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If you message me a list I can remove the archive tags on them


I love you Pulp