The Giant Professional Grading Thread

I believe its happened before, but Ive had no such luck.

With cards going missing and corner damage happening a lot (which i have personally experienced on my submissions), I personally no longer really feel interested in grading cards for the forseeable future. This actually shakes out nicely with how cheap graded cards are these days lol. Not worth the risk when you could just buy it already graded for around the same cost :person_shrugging:


I had a nice 10-card sub earlier this year, every card was Gem aside from the one that PSA fucked in the upper right, I’m am not going to grade with them until they resolve this issue.


Looks like they found out.


Love to see this kind of response. 10/10

23 days, not business days. I didn’t think of that.

It was finally graded today!


A bit awkward when they say “we are actively engaging with the affected artist to promptly resolve the issue”

Meanwhile Saitou straight-up says no one from PSA has contacted him

DeepL translation:

Incidentally, there is still no confirmation from the PSA regarding this signature appraisal to date. :jack_o_lantern::sweat_drops:


Imo it is worse that they say they reached out and didnt than not saying anything at all.

I can see why it may be upsetting to see things like this show up and also the situation involving a psa employee but also don’t expect psa to do much about it as a whole. Cut sigs have been a common thing in autograph collecting for a long time. From clipped president auto card’s to alot of Leaf card products. With psa being the leader in autographs in general i think it is just another item in the machine to them.

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Edit: the declared value limit is $100 according to the website. What I don’t understand is why it shows $25 crossed off (implying that this is Value tier being reduced) when the declared value is only $100. I wonder if it will have a faster turnaround time than Bulk then and one closer to Value? Or they just didn’t like how stupid the marketing email would look showing $15 crossed off next to $14.


Somewhat underwhelming, but at least it’s something! The $100 declared value kinda sucks though, not gonna lie. As for the $25 crossed out to $13.99 they definitely did that because $15 to $14 sounds lame. :laughing:


I to this day have yet to get upcharged on grading for declared value

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I’ve had mixed results. Prior to the pandemic I had never been upcharged, but I’ve been hit with them on about 50% of my submissions since. That said, I won’t be too broken up if they upcharge me the extra $1, haha.

Need help.
Graded before with CGC.
Left them right when PSA return times were better.
This is my 2nd sub.
Why is ekans a PSA 5.
Looking for scratches, dents , and even an error.
I’m stuck.
Here a some pictures

how to center a photo in html

I have gotten the most random PSA 5 grades on Japanese submissions, especially 151 for some reason. If you’re confident that it deserves a better grade then crack and resubmit. If it gets a 5 again there is most likely a hard to see dent somewhere on the card


Hi. Bought a psa 9 ex era card. Is this a misgrade? Or a normal flaw. Rest of the card have no noticeable whitening. Cert 6million

Not sure if it is normal, but I’m not surprised to find such flaws on a 9


Have seen much worse on Japanese new back 9s.

Normal for 9s to have a little whitening like that I’d say, but if that is a little chip there on the left side thats a different story.

I suppose that would be an edge lip. I’ve seen them on all grades. The only grade I would be disappointed about having it on is a 10.

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Hi all

Need some advice on PSA grading. I have collect a big bunch of cards i want to submit, but need some advice on how my cards will grade.
I have two cards seen underneath here, how would these grade?
Card 1:

Card 2:

Thank you very much!
Have a great day :slight_smile:



I can’t see much wrong with the fronts from the photos but I think because of the back whitening they won’t get higher than a 7 in my opinion.