The Giant Discussion Thread

@chris350dx it’s the greatest card in the hobby. $40k seems high at the current moment. Do you really think this card is all hype? Talk to me in 5, 10, 20 years when the “hype” has settled down.

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I would have been in at the same amount had I not talked to Drew first. I want it to be hype but sadly it probably isn’t.


I agree with you but I mean you bought into the hype yourself bidding 40k because of that last sale. Just unfortunately someone came along with the same idea. You said it yourself take away the top bidder and the card is at 30k so don’t beat yourself too hard only you and one other guy thought it was worth more than 30k I’m sure you will be able to get one for under 40k. No way do I believe the card is all hype but yes I do believe it’s on a high right now from everyone going crazy since the last 40k sale.

@chris350dx I agree with what you’re saying. The card is on a temporary high, but I don’t have the luxury of getting it somewhere else for cheaper. I saw it as my one shot to give everything I have and win it. I would have even been fine if other copies sold for less because I feel that in the long run, this is a card that will grow.


You were going to bid 40k yourself?

Yeah I know how you feel. Can’t believe less than a year ago I should have got one for 20k haha but hey I’m sure your time will come

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Well, if we’re going by this logic train if none of the e4 members bid it would be around $24k lol.

All the bids above $25k on this auction were e4 members.

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This is true and not true.

If you take away the top bidder you would be the highest bidder in the USA at this time, but if this card was for sale in Australia I would be bidding in the 30k - 40k range as well.

Unfortunately for the both us we’re going to have give out more this card now.

@cosrob it is true for this specific auction, the third highest bidder was $30k. I can’t help the fact that the auction was restricted.

Right…but after a discussion I wanted Drew to have it, and I’m disappointed he lost.


That gesture is why @garyis2000 is a legend


It’s jus to a point where these high end cards values are determined by whoever with big pockets decides to come in the hobby and wants only the best cards. For instance we know Gary is not stopping getting these cards so if any of you guys want this card you pretty much have to talk to him and get him to let you win it for yourself asking him to not enter an auction. If Gary determines the price for this card is 40k then it’s pretty much going to be 40k cause we all know he’s buying when one comes up unless it’s a 10 that doesn’t meet his standards to buy maybe a weak 10. But if another wealthy guy comes in to the hobby say from sports and wants the best Pokémon has to offer he might have no problem spending 40k on the card and he decides you know what I’ll buy one for 50k cause he doesn’t want to wait. Well then guess what people start hyping that now it’s 50k then that slowly becomes what people think and what it might sell for. Pretty much the exact scenario that happened when the guy bought the one for 40k now look what happened with this auction it went exactly how I’m saying. High end card prices can change over night that easily.


@chris350dx exactly as you described

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Why bid $40,000 even? Certainly if you can pay $40,000 you could have paid something like $40,203.71? It would have given a much better chance of winning though obviously still could have lost. I never bid even amounts and I frequently take things for just one increment or less over a round number.

@jj1 even though the final ended $100 over his bid (one increment) you never know. The buyer could have had $50,000 or more in as his max. When I lose by one increment I always try to tell myself that at least.


@gottaketchumall that was the highest sale price to date. My logic was that if someone wants to win, they’ll need to pay a record price. Also how often do auction prices exceed record prices for buy it now/best offer prices?

I mean the easy way to answer that is to ask Poke-rev what he bid


This is true. I believe there was actually a buyer who bid 50k and chickened out.

Additionally, we should also keep in mind that the visibility of this auction was relatively limited compared to other large auction houses. I’m now curious to see how much the card would sell for on PWCC.

There was a buyer who bid and then retracted. The buyer has 86 bid retractions in 6 months. If that’s who you’re referring to then they chicken out on every bid lol. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be retracted.


Was the 50k bid and retraction after the 40k bid?

Edit: yeah it was.

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No it wasn’t. Both 40k bids were last 5 seconds.