The First & Only BGS Black Label Pristine Pokemon Card

I guess we all know how tough it is to get a mint graded Becketts Non-Sports card…never mind a 9.5 gem mint example.
Now just imagine a Pristine 10 with three 10s and one 9.5 subgrades. There’s only been a handful of Pokemon cards to ever achieve that.
Well, behold the Brand New Becketts “BLACK LABEL”. This is earned by having all four subgrades in Pristine 10.

I guess you all can see how excited I am over this:)

Thanks to Scott for your help with this thread…


That looks purdy…

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Most impressive.

Is this freshly graded, or did they just change labels for card that has previously received 4x 10 subgrades ?

This was a recase just to get the Black Label.
You can do that or all newly graded true 10s will get the Black Label.

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I wish PSA would use black labels.


So why PSA generally, and not Beckett? I know the grades are tougher to achieve but from what little I’ve heard, Beckett seems to be more consistent.

Or are people just worried about the cash cow that is PSA grading and just jumping on a bandwagon? I honestly don’t know as I don’t do card grades.

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That black label looks quite classy. One of my biggest peeves with PSA cards is that obnoxious red label…

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I don’t know brother.
A GYARADOS would look awfully sexy with that Black Label;)

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Why is beckett such negative nancies!?

Good job Gary

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I believe that just like PSA they will keep it encapsulated if it doesn’t cross over to what you specify. Not positive f there’s a difference with the four 10s black label?

It’s so tough getting a Pristine as you know…especially with a foil card.
I only have one other BGS 10 and it has a 9.5 subgrade. It’s a base shadowless bulbasaur.

the future of grading pokemon cards:

buying psa 10s to try and regrade a beckett 10


Beckett 10s are different than Black Labels:)

Beautiful Jungle card (:

How many cards would you estimate you have sent to Beckett ?


Honestly, I have no idea how many cards I’ve submitted to Becketts. A ton…

Wow…I just got an email from ebirdman that said this, “That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”!
He’s seen a lot so thanks Eddie:)

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I guess we can bump this and make it 2, then?

the charizard has one 9.5 sub grade so doesnt qualify for the black label

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Oh, I never saw the auction and assumed that’s what everybody was getting excited about…that’s a bit of a letdown.

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Get your shit together man.
Jesus Christ.

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