Just need help…
Where is a site that I can go to to preorder the dragon set coming out?

Is it confirmed everything is holo or?

you can use ebay as your best bet or use online stores like collectors catche to get them.there is also amiami and plamoya to order them for as well that do ship international.i myself have used all those i just named and will say good service to use.if you have any more questions just post up

Okay :slight_smile:
Which out of those would you say is the best to use

amiami, collectorscache or plamoya?

depends what you prefer cause international shipping if you want it fast EMS will cost ya depending on weight unless you want it slow it takes about 2-4 weeks its cheaper.i would suggest amiami since their price is somewhat cheaper than most of the stores and their services are good.i’ve used their sal shipping most of the time and it gets here in decent times and its cheaper.