Taigataipan want thread: JR Rally Celebi PSA 10 + 151 promos

I’m looking now for following items. Prices offered include shipping charges to Finland.

Graded card wants

PSA 10 JR Rally Celebi 042/P ( pending sale )

Other wants

*none at the moment*

Single card wants

sealed 151 Snorlax Pokemon Center stamp promo → $40
sealed 151 Squirtle Pokemon Center stamp promo → $70
sealed 151 Charmander EB Games stamp promo → $50


all 3 sealed promos at once → $175

Pm me if you have anything listed above, if there’s something deeply wrong with pricing I’m sure we can find solution. :blush:


Since you’re the seller, set the price. What are you paying for the Neo Genesis cards?

I’ve got steelix in a psa 10. PM if you still need it.

Couple cards hunted down, still many to go. :blush:

Op updated with prices I’m ready to pay for each card. 10/111 Meganium is priority because very low pop, if someone manages to grade another psa 10 I’m ready to pay fair price for it.

Bump! Still looking for these 5 cards.


Op updated, now looking also for Emerald Break singles.

Now looking also for sealed Neo Destiny+Legendary Collection boxes. Neo Destiny can be unlimited/1st ed., which ever deal happens first.

More stuff added in trade list.


PSA 9 Neo 3 Shining Gyarados added to want list.


Still looking for many items mentioned above.

I have Shaymin EX from Emerald Break in a PSA 9. All I am looking for is the price of the card ($55) plus the $10 I spent to grade it, so $65 total. PM me if interested.

Thanks for the offer but I’d need this card as ungraded, goes to binder collection. :blush:


Want list updated with multiple psa graded wotc cards.


Want list updated with couple Neo,e-series and ex-series cards. Offers for Gym Challenge Erika’s Venusaur and Rocket’s Mewtwo fixed too.

I’m interested in these :blush:

  • psa 10 1st ed. Rocket Gang Strikes Back gold star Mudkip 033/084
  • psa 10 1st ed. Golden Sky Silvery Ocean gold star Raikou 039/106


Still looking for multiple psa cards.


Gym Challenge holos, where are you!? :rofl:


Want list updated, now looking for big stack of singles from english EX Deoxys/EX Dragon Frontiers and japanese 1st ed. Clash of the Blue Sky.

Added some stuff to have list inc. few english PSA 10 full art/secret rare.


To people who are grading lots of XY9 stuff super early: I’ll gladly take PSA 10 Espeon EX FA + Scizor EX FA. :wink:


EX Legend Maker wants added.


Still searching for various stuff.