SwolePokes Gains(Collection) 4/2/19 Art Academy Promo Kyogre

Sup Homies! :sunglasses:

Thought it was about time I started showing from time to time what the collection is looking like!

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Newest addition to the collection here :grin:

I assume everyone here already knows what this card is!

Very happy with this, Couldn’t be more Mint if I wanted it to :blush:
Sending it into PSA hopefully this week!



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Very excited to have these :grin:

4 down, 4 more PSA 10 to go!!


Lol Scanner is a bit old and dirty…

Time to invest in a new one :relieved:

you dare show me such beautiful cards using a dirty scanner.

Nice psa japeanese shinings. I wonder if anyone has a complete psa 10 set?

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Unfortunately there isn’t a complete set yet…

No one has graded a Noctowl at a 10 :sob:


I think everyone here would suggest a epson V series scanner. Its not expensive and probably one of the best ones for scans PSA cases. Btw congrats on the purchases/grades.

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Nice!! One day I will own all 10 Neo Shinings in PSA 10 in 1st Edition and Japanese, has to be done!

What is this card catogorized as? I’ve never seen it before it looks amazing! And is zapdos the only pokemon they made?

It’s called the Tropical Mega Battle Phone Card :grin:

It’s not an actual playing card, it’s a phone card they would use back in the day.
They were given out in 1999 at the T.M.B tournament in Hawaii, and only around 30-50 were given out

They also made Articuno and Moltres

Here is a pictures of @cbd1235 :blush:


Where are you getting those numbers from?


Man I’ve never seen these before, they look awesome! :rofl: I must have these, No matter the cost haha! Thumbs up for Ken sugimori articuno I thought that artwork of it was never printed on a card, what a relief.

Pretty sure I saw them on here lol

Here’s some other goodies I have that I haven’t posted yet :grin:


Went on your Instagram, and it’s A-OK, I really enjoy it. Keep it up! Also what do you use for lighting? And what camera? Your pictures are perfect.

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Lol It’s a bit of a process for me to take my photos…

But I just use my Iphone, Natural lighting, and then I hold a piece of paper above my phone so I get no glare from the PSA case :blush:

Sounds easy but the whole set up is a bit tedious lol

Nice makes two of us with the dedicated card photography! I use natural lighting too I was just curious to whether I could’ve gotten that effect easier, guess not! Haha

Do you have a link? Either way whoever said that did not have a proper source as there is no way to quantify exactly how many were actually handed out.

The history on the phone cards is they were the give away prize for 15 min games which could be taken many times. The same prize distribution technique is used at worlds today except the prizes are random. Realistically there were probably hundreds of each card, but how many remain is uncertain.

I’ll look for the link, but okay, thanks for clearing that up :grin:

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