SV4 thread (TPCI: Paradox Rift Nov 3 / TPC: Raging Surf Sept 22 + Ancient Roar & Future Flash Oct 27)

Hyogonosuke combined art keeps widening, looks like the gligar goes next to palossand in this art

Edit: i’ll add the pic from @nanp90 post here too


Still got 3 more sets to go after this for the rest of the year


I’m looking for S-tier level kind of artworks like SWSH era’s alt arts.

Here we go again.



Okay so because you think they’re not S-tier it means the sets are bad.

I love when people take their totally subjective opinions and attempt to use them as blanket facts as if no one else’s opinion matters.


Maybe not that bad but definitely lacklustre… that’s the overall feeling I have of S&V era, so far that is.

Woah, chill bro. When did I said your opinion does not matter?

swsh era is definitely weaker than sv so far artwork wise and i don’t mean that in a good way.

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From today’s official box opening video

illus. Mina Nakai
SV3a 074/062 AR Cyclizar

illus. kantaro
SV3a 088/062 SAR Rika

This is kantaro’s 6th Special Art Rare card. From their debut SAR Colress’s Experiment in VSTAR Universe, to this generation’s Legendary mascot SAR Miraidon ex, to this year’s World Championship Series Yokohama Pikachu ex, to one of the judges for 2024’s Illustration Contest, kantaro has quickly become TPC’s most valued illustrator of the new generation


What if it goes on for the entire block? There’s definitely space below and on the left lol.

But TPC wouldn’t have planned it so far ahead…

Cards from today

illus. Atsushi Furusawa
SV3a 067/062 AR Joltik

Photo 1

Surprisingly taking over Jirachi’s slot,
illus. Kurata So
SV3a 072/062 Ferrothorn

Photo 2

illus. Jerky
SV3a 086/062 SAR Tapu Koko ex

Photo 3

illus. En Morikura
SV3a 089/062 SAR Parasol Lady

Photo 4

illus. Oswaldo KATO
ft. Flamigo
SV3a 091/062 UR Beach Court
based on the Beach Court stadium card from SV1S Scarlet ex

Photo 5

SV3a 092/062 UR Reversal Energy
based on the Reverse Energy card from SV2P Snow Hazard

Photo 6



joltik is awesome tho even if the size is way off

Gold Reversal Energy is exactly what my body needed this morning.

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A lot of the ARs in this set look more impressive than the SARs. Tapu Koko ex totally looks like AR art, and Groudon looks like SAR art.

Gen 5 fans stay winning with this one

Parasol Lady SAR is something I never thought I’d see

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clear scans are up now and i think its safe to say this is one of the prettiest supporter artworks we’ve ever had


waifu collectors have entered the chat

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Iron Bundle AR was found in an 151 ETB

illus: Teeziro