Sun and Moon print line and PSA grading.

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I am working on my first PSA order and plan on sending in some Sun and Moon cards but was wondering how print lines will impact the grades, will cards still get 10’s or will they get knocked down to 9’s? Really want to minimize my chances for 9’s for newer cards. I have attached a scan you show an example, obviously the print line is way more noticeable in the scan.

I got a handful of these in the two boxes I opened. I feel like they rightly deserve a 9. The lines detract from the appeal. If I was to buy a 10 I wouldn’t want it to have these.

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I agree they should get a 9, but factory errors are often overlooked.

How about if the line is lighter. Scanning makes it look 10x worse than it is.

He is a pic I took of a card with a line on it, instead of a scan.

You can see the line at the top of his left claw and running under his chin. Don’t really want to send in Sun and Moon cards unless really sure they will get a 10.

Note the line and send it in.

It should not be overlooked.
Otherwise we getting this god damn discussion again about WEAK 10 v. STRONG 10.

For me, I would discard any PSA10 with print lines like this as a 10. Because it takes away a lot from it’s appeal. And PSA 9’s and 10’s are all about appeal.

Personally, I would try find the card without defects and binder the printing error one.

Don’t send it mate. I have a Marshadow GX with the same problem. I wouldn’t send it.

Interesting. So many of the cards have the lines. Seems like original series with the print lines, they are that common, but only on these style of SR, I don’t think my Shining Mew’s had them. I think I will send in a GEM card and see what happens, only $10 or so to find out.

I guess the Sun and Moon SR’s will be hard to find in PSA 10 if they knock them down for the print lines.

These lines remind me of Delta Species cards, specifically speaking Gyarados,Mew and Charizard star. Almost impossible to predict results but I’ve seen 10’s with quite strong printing lines.

We should note the PSA 10 definition:

“A PSA 10 card must be free of staining of any kind, but an allowance may be made for a slight printing imperfection, if it doesn’t impair the overall appeal of the card”

I’d agree that a printing line fits the definition of a “slight printing imperfection.” I think whether it “impairs the overall appeal of the card” is up for debate. Especially on full-art cards like this where the line is fairly apparent and stretches across the entire card, I would not want a PSA 10 that had a printing line like this. That being said, I don’t think printing lines (if they are small and usually unnoticeable) should immediately disqualify a card from being a PSA 10.

I’ve graded 2 Sun & Moon Promos that got 9s because of these print lines so they definitely do affect the grade. I don’t know about full arts but on the holo Promos I graded the print line is very visible going through the silver border.

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that line on this charizard is so light and even hard to see in the pic. There is no way that takes from the eye appeal. As for the delta species cards… those are a completely different story as those are much easier to notice.

I know where to sell my 10’s too :wink:


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I have to agree with this, I saw this topic when it started and saw the line after knowing where to look, now I returned and had a hard time finding it, so it must not be that bad then, whether it’s a 10 or not is… debatable.

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