Stupidest College Credit Course...POKEMON GO?

Fresno City College in California is offering a Pokemon Go class for college credit in the Phys Ed department.

What was the stupidest course you ever took for credit?

Bowling. I guess I did learn how to score by hand though.

The University of Ohio(iirc, may be wrong) has a unit called Simpsonology that is exactly what you think it is.


Wait how is that stupid. I would’ve loved to had received a school credit for playing Pokémon!

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I remember there was a walking class at my University for PE students, I mean “kinesiology” students. PokemonGo would be a better version of that class.


I took “Walk, Jog, Run” and you got to choose which you did. I just did an hour if walking each morning on the gym track. Wish there were pokemon stops along the way. :slightly_frowning_face:

As somebody who walks up to 10 miles a day, every day, for exercise, I don’t think a walking class is frivolous. Especially when it’s offered by a university in the United States of Obesity. :laughing:


Dang you must be light as a feather!

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That’s true. Ironically majority of the students in the class were typically student athletes or people who were already fit.

It would be cool though to be in college right now with Pokemon go.

I win!

Parent Effectiveness Training


My university offers a class called Organic Gardening. You plant things.

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As opposed to Mechanic Gardening where machines plant things.

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If only. My steady diet of yakitori and beer kinda sorta negates all that walking. :sob:

Speaking of beer — the University of California in Davis offers degree courses in craft brewing. Because many of the students are under the state’s legal drinking age of 21, they can make the beer, but they can’t taste-test it. (Although I believe the university was recently granted an exception that would allow underage students to sample small amounts of the beer they brew.)


Learning basic gardening techniques is actually a pretty effective life skill that a lot of people wouldn’t know. A credit class for Uni is a bit of a stretch though.

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It is a stretch, I dont understand what these credit classes are though. WHat it mean by credit?

It is for sure a effective life skill, and we have forgotten that, because our way of life doesnt require us to survive like we use to. Now we just go to the super market.

University students receive not just grades for their courses, but also credits. To earn a degree, you must earn a sufficient number of credits. In other words, you have to take enough classes — and pass those classes, thus earning credits — to graduate.

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Hmms is a bit different to Australia then I guess. Unless we might have something similar, but I haven’t heard my sestra talk about it, so I’ll have to as her. But thanks for info *(^_^)/*

I think i remember reading that there is some video gaming classes in america. That would be fun.
I think it was training for e sports etc.

But pokemon go??? gosh they are trying to feed off it’s popularity… like many others currently.

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Are these serious credits? How does that work!?

They are serious credits and are issued through the athletic dept. or the Phys Ed dept.