Hi not sure if im posting this in the right area but im not familiar with this series card? Sorry for the upsidedown photo. Anyone help?

It kinda does look fake… The cutting is really bad; the borders don’t have much consistency, but the picture is too dark to tell for sure.

Yes I thought it may be fake, I found it at a park I took my niece 2. First fake ive seen in a while. Now I have another question for you. I bought 2 packs of pre-release sets off a collector the other day for $10, now they look real but I think they are fake, the hp is in the right place and all but instead of it being say hp110 it has a space hp1 10… He assures me all the prerelease packs were like this as they were the promotional sale cards, first off the production line and he got them as he is a major seller of the cards… Does this sound right to you guys… :confused:

Sounds fake to me

Totally fake. They never release cards like that…

Like I said I found it