Prerelease packs, has anyone seen these before?


I agree with DJ, it’s fake.

But all the card that were in it are genuine lol, just scored a whole heap of these to carry my cards in lol did get a few with cards in them, but they were genuine also luckily lol I had my friend who is a pokemon freak look at them for me.

Unfortunately, as everyone else previously mentioned, that pack is a fake. The cards that came in it are most likely not genuine. The steelix image that you posted looked genuine at first glance but upon closer inspection, it appeared to be fake. I am assuming it is the same deal with the cards inside these packs.

Your Pokemon freak friend is clearly not ‘freaky’ enough for my liking if he can’t spot a fake.
I would recommend not to buy from this guy again for your own sake.

I know how to spot fake cards, he got the boxes from another guy, like I said I got the off hom empty to store cards he gave me a couple with cards in them but they were real, he doesnr rip off ive known him for 12years. I compared tje cards to the ones I buy from stores big w an what not. They are real.

Nintendo does not release cards in per-release packs. The pack itself is fake. Now, I am not suggesting that your friend intentionally ripped you off and it is possible that the counterfeiters put real cards in the pack to make it seem genuine, but the pack it self is not. However, I am willing to bet that the cards inside are not authentic, but anything can happen.

No the cards are authentic, just the boxes arent, my friend pit the cards in. he got them as card cases as his collection wont all fit into sleeves lol