Strange Pokemon Boosters

Hi, I have a few questions about these pokemon boosters,these booster packs i can not found anywhere on internet,So if someone can tell a little more,are they fake,how much they worth…
I’ll try to load images
sorry for the bad English

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They are fakes.
Fakes tend to look irregular. :wink:

ok, thanks for your prompt response.I thought I could put them on ebay but I had to be sure that they are fake.

No problem!
Glad you asked about their legitimacy before selling them.

You could probably sell them for more considering they are unique. People collect fake stuff as well.

Dratini doesn’t look so bad until you realize the field and Tauros in the background. :stuck_out_tongue:

@soulwind - On the pokemon reddit section someone had posted gen 7 fake cards from a decade back. I tried to buy the tyranitar card from them. Same artwork just more red and fire type.

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Its sad that people would collect these… much like pirate retro video games… T.T

I made a post about these fake cards a while back, some are pretty darn hilarious. Like a Gyarados evolving from a Ponyta, with grass type moves.

I do not know whether I may put fake pokemon boosters on ebay.I think that it is forbidden.but I have over 50 packages of these boosters.If you have any suggestions tell your opinion how much worth one fake booster?

Please don’t put them on eBay. Selling counterfeit goods is illegal, and it damages the hobby as a whole.

I’m now closing this thread, as your original, valid question about the cards has been answered. Discussion of potential plans to sell counterfeit goods, however, is in violation of UPCCC guidelines.