STAFF Sealed Pack

I have a quick question. I walked into a card shop in my neaighborhood and they had Breakpoint booster boxes already. I checked it out just to look at the pack art. Amongst searching through I noticed some clear sealed packs. To my surprise I found this in there:

the guy working that day was completely against selling one to me. My question is, How much would one pack be worth? He was making a big deal about how just one card alone could be worth 20$… I offered him 40$ for the pack. What do you guys honestly think.

Sealed STAFF event packs typically sell exactly like you’d expect a bulk number of the same promo to sell. In my experience, they have never notably achieved an increase in value. They aren’t intended to be a sealed product and so they really aren’t sought out by the sealed collecting demographic. The card collectors usually don’t want that many copies of the same card. And so that leaves people who just want to buy the lot to bust it and sell them individually.

So for a price range: high end is the number of cards x the value of each card; low end is a discount applies to the high end for a bulk purchase.

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So the pack consists of multiple copies of one card?


Cool, hopefully I get atleast one for free then.

I have bought a staff and a prerelease on the low side $10 and the high side of $17.50. I do not see any value in it sealed. There is concern that the plastic is detrimental to the card and sliding in the envelope can cause wear marks.

OK that helps, thanks man.

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