Clash of the blue sky booster price

How much is a single booster worth? Ballpark?

Edit: 1ed

I think that is the one you are looking at right? it looks overpriced for 7 packs, but I must say the artwork is real sweet.

I am always weary of these open box pack lots… as sometimes the packs can be resealed, and sometimes; if it was like me breaking boxes, I would count holos on an average of 1 per 3 boosters, directly from the top down as they are packed, and be able to break the majority of the holograms and leave out at least 7 packs with only rare cards for resale.

I only did it a couple of times, and I think every box had different spill rates. But I would think that what he has left over would be non holo packs.

I think you can weigh packs also?
Sorry for going off track a little :S just get weary at these sort of sales.

I sold a sealed box for $750 early last year I dont think another one has sold after that afaik.

Theres one on UK ebay for £2000 which is very overpriced.

@kkthxbai: During that era - all packs had one Rare and one Holo Rare. :blush:

@hapycakeoven: I would think about $30 for a single, sealed pack regardless of edition.

Oh I was comparing to some of the English releases.