Something every type of collector will enjoy.

“A new TCG artwork collection will be released on December 13, 2014. This Illust Collection artbook features 192 pages of all color TCG illustrations since the beginning on the TCG 18 years ago. It will come with two exclusive promotional cards, Rayquaza, and Cosplay Pikachu, and retails for ¥2,160.”

EDIT: Aaaaaaand amiami is already sold out…


That’s a lot of reading for Christmas. Have to consider putting one or two copies on my wish list. :stuck_out_tongue:

@aj1 and @pottsinator

Too bad it’s already sold out, though I’m sure we’ll see it soon in stores. I’d be curious to know what Pokemon are featured in the illustrations.

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Seems it’s going to be more than just a collection of images.

**"The first illustration collected book of Pokemon!
Over 200 illustrations are selected from over 8000 illustrations released from initial title to the latest XY series.

-6 newly illustrated illustrations by 6 illustrators recorded

-All illustrations comes with author’s comment

-How are world of cards created? Production procedures are explained

-Gorgeous creator interviews recorded (Mitsuhiro Arita, Kagemaru Himeno, Ken Sugimori, Junichi Masuda, Tsunekazu Ishihara)

-Includes 2 original cards

-192 pages long, fully printed in color"**

Illustrator comments/interviews will be awesome to read wait to be translated.

Is it already sold out?

I am glad I got my orders in!


Just checked… It is still available for sale?

I like how the product description of “The first illustration collected book of Pokemon!” simple ignores the visual guides released with every DP expansion in Japan.

I’m not familiar with japanese purchase sources, so if someone could point me to a place to put my money in, that would be appreciated. Haha

Pre orders seem to have ended SUPER quickly. Hoping they under estimated the demand and will put more up.

i believe amiami has them for sale

O my gawd

You can order them off of

That’s where I ordered mine?

Same here lol

Are you asking to us whether or not you ordered them off amazon jp?

Did you?ポケモンカードゲーム&pc_redir=1414168648&qid=1414117969&ref_=sr_1_6&s=books&sr=1-6

Would be great to have one of those :0
Gotta find myself a copy.

Does anybody here know Japanese? I NEED translations of the interviews with the artists in my life. ;_;

Okay so I seriously just signed up for Amiami because I want this book. Do they ever reopen pre-orders once they’re closed? :slightly_frowning_face:

They have opened up Closed Pre-Orders in the past. I suppose it’s all about how much they order.

Already ordered my copy from only 1400yen for ship the book! Also the 2 promo cards are beautiful.