So who has an iPhone and wants a really awesome cover?

China still doesn’t like UPCCC or maybe just the ISP in my office -.-

Anyways I found these today, although I probably won’t stick these in my stores I figured that some of the members of UPCCC might like em! Best of all I’m giving them away for free including postage :grin:

There’s x5 iPhone 5/5S and x5 iPhone 4

I am sending them from Hong Kong so it’ll take 2-3 weeks or so to arrive. Any Aussie members I’ll send them next week when I get back home.

It’s pretty much first come first serve I guess. So just shoot me a PM with your address and model and be patient :grin:



oh my lord that is awesome!

I want to buy an iphone right now just for that case :stuck_out_tongue:

makes me want an iphone just for that
nice of you to do this though

@aj1 this seems like your forte.

They are awesome, but I don’t have an Iphone…

iPod 5 compatible?

That is too cool! How much would we owe you for postage to the US? :blush:

@anonspaz Your trip to Japan is over?

@soulwind - nothing free of charge :grin:

@pokemontrader - yeh I was only there for 3 days on the way to china

@funkmonkey - it should might feel abit loose since it’s abit thinner than the iPhone 5

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Sign me up! Should I shoot you a PM? :blush:

PM’d! Thanks a ton!

Sent a PM a few days ago! :blush: Let me know?