American middleman?

Hey guys,

Sigh… I can’t believe I’m posting this, it’s so embarrassing…

But can someone in America accept a package and re-direct it to me for free? I will pay the postage charge.

You know when you have tried negotiating with a seller like 10 times and he/she will absolutely not write the word ‘Australia’ on a parcel instead of the word ‘America’?

I need someone who can write that down, and can redirect mail for me, please pm.

I don’t do this often, maybe 1 every 1-6 months.

Kind Regards,


Anytime brother.

I’ll pm you my address…


This community never ceases to amaze me on how willing and helpful people are to fellow collectors, top stuff!!


Yeah I agree, very kind of Gary to help another fellow collector out. Makes me proud to be part of the community on here!

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