Give away - Sealed Chinese EX Legend booster packs

OKay, so I have some left over packs.

Couple of Arcanines, and a couple Gengars. I got horrible pulls, and sold some to a user here, who also got horrible pulls. So I weighed them, as I assume the seller did before he sent them to me. Looks like they are all non holos. I don’t want to sell them - as that’s not fair, knowing what they are.

So - sealed item collectors - if you want one, all I ask is postage fee. (4gbp) and you can have one.

Send me a PM. I think I have 5 packs left? I should have checked but I’m in the office, and the thought just occured to me. First come, first served. Slow post from China - takes a few weeks.

Sorry if this still counts as selling…? Moderators, give this the boot if you see it that way.



I don’t collect sealed stuff but just wanted to say that this is a very thoughtful thing to do good on you!

Just doing my bit :slight_smile:

2 left by the way guys.

1 left.

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All gone. You lads love your sealed items eh?

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I know I do :wink: but am considdering opening it