So frustrating!

$8! Thats all this guy would be getting from me for his card. I had purchased an Unlimted Jungle Holo Electrode in Dutch on Marktplaats and we had an email exchange for some time. Prior to the purchase he was quick with the emails and very friendly. Said he would send to the US if I paid the extra postage, which was $2. Unfortunately, Paypal wasn’t one of the options since its normally for local purchases. I used Western Union to send the EIGHT DOLLARS and since then he has not replied. Been about 2 months now. I’ve emailed him back multiple times and even messaged him through the website again in case he wasn’t getting them through my email. Nothing. I know there is nothing that I can do because I wired the money, but its just so frustrating that I might have been ripped off for the first time. I guess I was too trusting. I’ve done all sorts of other payments before to get other cards from foreign languages so I took the gamble. What do you guys suggest I do?

And on top of that, I had arranged to purchase a card from a guy on Facebook. We agreed on a price and he said he would figure out the shipping cost since he is in Brazil. Its been over 2 months since he last responded and I have asked him if he got a price and if he was still willing to sell the card. I know that he has seen the message but he just wont respond. I’m giving the damn guy more money than its worth. What is it with these people that just cant be bothered to put a card in an envelope, stick some stamps on it and then toss it in their mail box? Especially after we agreed on a price and/or already paid for it.

It just irks me. And of course they can just be any card that I could just find elsewhere… they happen to be 2 of the cards that I have yet to see for sale or trade.

That is definitely frustrating. I can’t stand dealing with people who lack any business etiquette whatsoever (especially if they outright intend to scam me, of course). It really shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks at most to finalize a deal. I wouldn’t expect to hear back from either of them. I’ve actually done business with a few people in Brazil and twice I’ve been told (by Brazilians) NOT to trust anyone from Brazil. Apparently they have a profound reputation of ripping others off, but I wouldn’t know.

At least I didnt send any money to that guy. But it seems that my last 3 Portuguese cards are probably going to have to come from Brazilians. I’ve also traded with a few people from Brazil and they were all trustworthy. My mail got lost there once though and the other few times took almost 2 months to arrive. Maybe their reputation has something to do with the poor postal service. I’ve heard that they lose a lot of mail.

This Dutch guy is the worst though. It doesn’t bother me too much that I lost 8 bucks (plus 5 in fees for Western Union), but I hate that I cant find the card anywhere else so I feel like I’ll have to battle this guy in order to get it. He’s listed items as recent as Nov 17th so I know he’s not dead haha

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I really hate people who cut off all communication after a deal has been made. Postal service in South America is atrocious except for Argentina, expect a delivery time of 1-3 months, though sometimes they do arrive within 1 month.

I’ve been hearing the horror stories for SA postal. I think from here on out, I will make sure there is tracking. Considering the fact that the only cards I need from Brazil are in my top 5 most wanted cards anyway, I mine as well spend the extra money.

Also, for the Dutch guy, I do have his phone number, full name and found his Facebook. So maybe I can contact him one of those ways. I fear that if I pester him, I lose any chance I might have to get the card. But then again, I shouldn’t have to do any of this anyway. I wonder if I can contact Western Union and verify that money was claimed under his name. That way I can at least know for a fact that he withdrew the money and needs to get me the card. Otherwise, it could just be a case of laziness and he has not yet gone and gotten the money that I sent him.

I really don’t want this guy to be the first that scammed me.

I had a similar situation go down on Pokegym, but through a trade. Kept in contact with the guy, was excited about our trade, and then once we both (really just me) sent our cards he dropped off.

He even had his own trade thread going that he abandoned so he get get $30 worth of cards.

Stories like this make me wary about dealing with international sellers outside of ebay and/or people on here.
I only want/need 3 non-english/non-japanese cards for now, and I’d love to go all super detective and find them like I’ve done for most cards so far, but I don’t want to get scammed :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope the dude comes through for you.


Cheesy, I wouldn’t be too discouraged with foreign trades. I just got cards from 2 different people in Spain lately :stuck_out_tongue: You just have to be cautious.

Anyway, I just checked the tracking on my payment to Western Union. Apparently it has not been picked up yet. So, I guess I haven’t been scammed yet. Maybe he is just hasn’t gotten to it after all. Or dead :open_mouth: He should be keeping me up to date though.

For the Portuguese card, I’ll just ask him if he would rather send it to someone else that I know in Brazil. Maybe he will be more inclined to do that. I think sending stuff overseas or to another country can put people off. Maybe that will work.

I’m going to get those 2 cards darn it!

I know I shouldn’t be discouraged, but since I only needs 3 cards I feel it would be safer/easier to just wait until they pop up on ebay.

I hope you do get those cards!

I’m still trying to get that Portuguese card for you, but I’m not getting the replies I had hoped for. I’ll keep at it though!

The Dutch guy re-listed the Electrode today and the money has not been picked up! I think it’s a case of “its too much work to deal with” because if he didn’t take the money, then he is obviously not scamming me. I think it’s time to retract the money and give up… what a shame…

Hey, I can get the card for you if you want. Pm his listing on Marktplaats and I will contact him.

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Thanks! PM sent. I’m not sure he will respond, but it’s worth a shot.