Slightly damaged Pokemon cards, what could they be on PSA?

I have the Pokemon CD promo set (bought the set sealed with the CD) and most of the cards are in mint/possibly gem mint condition. However, I have 2 cards with slight rips on them: Charizard and Snorlax. The damage on the Charizard isn’t as bad, though. I would like to know how these cards would grade on the PSA scale and how much they would be worth graded. I have provided pictures with the damage pointed out.

Charizard front:

Charizard back:

Snorlax front:

Snorlax back:

Probably a 2 or a 3, maybe a 4 if you’re lucky. That’s some pretty bad damage from a collecting standpoint, and these are quite common cards. They would unfortunately be worth next to nothing graded. You are better off selling them ungraded as they might even be worth more ungraded than graded.

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The damage doesn’t look too bad on the Charizard, though. Are you talking about both of the cards in question? If so, I might have to buy new ones in better condition to replace these.

Yes, both of them. The damage on the Charizard is quite bad. PSA describes a VG 3 as being:

“A PSA VG 3 card reveals some rounding of the corners, though not extreme. Some surface wear will be apparent, along with possible light scuffing or light scratches. Focus may be somewhat off-register and edges may exhibit noticeable wear. Much, but not all, of the card’s original gloss will be lost. Borders may be somewhat yellowed and/or discolored. A crease may be visible. Printing defects are possible. Slight stain may show on obverse and wax staining on reverse may be more prominent. Centering must be 90/10 or better on the front and back.”

While the card may not show all of these, That large of a damaged area will bring the card down quite a bit.

You should definitely buy new cards in better condition.