Skyridge pack weights?

Hello guys,

Do let me know if this is allowed or not.

Im new to these forums but been collecting mostly yugioh and some pokemon over the years. I’ve gotten really interested in the E-reader cards, and recently purchased 10 skyridge packs from what seems to be a genuine good guy who claims hes had them in storage for many years.

Considering the price, i did weigh them to see, and since i really have no experience especially with e-reader packs, im not sure what to make of it. The heaviest two were 17.59 and 17.61, but many were around the 17.50-52, and a few lower. The only bit of information i found online hinted at anything around 17.60+ might have a holo. And i do plan on opening 2-3 (live on my IG) as i want to have completed sets! Would anyone have any additional information for it?


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To make a long story short, you can’t reliably weigh a single pack. Packs are only reliably “light” or “heavy” in relation to others from the same box due to variations in print runs, packing, wear, etc. A light pack in one box may be a heavy pack in another.

You can make guesses in relation to what other people have obtained for “heavy” and “light,” but be aware that it may not work out the way you think.

Aye, i was thinking about that the other day. Depending on the booster box the weights will differ so loose packs makes it a lot harder.

The fact that theres a few that are less than .10 away from the ‘heaviest’ ones coming from a yugioh background makes me not sure but ill probably roll the dice and hope for the best!

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If the 10 came from the same box it would be a little safer to assume weights

Good point, ill ask the seller. I know he opened a few himself and pulled some holos.

I did the same with aquapolis recently from a store that only was able to sell half a box back in the day

I ripped some packs of skyridge back in the day, ‘heavy’ ones were always 18.1/18.2+ grams (lowest i had was 16.8, most packs were around 17.5)