Should I grade these?

Hello, I’m new to psa grading and I need help whether if should submit them to psa.

The cards I’m considering grading is Skyla Full art.
The only problem with the card is little edgewears and the centering of the front and the back. Should I just get another one?

I recommend not grading this :blush:


I hear this question so often…should I grade this card, what values of cards should I grade, is this worth grading, etc etc…here’s the answer:

Stop thinking about the money and grade it if you want to!!


Q: Do you want to grade it for profit?
A: Don’t grade it, BW/XY cards already have enough issues getting 10s(which is the only grade that will increase it’s value). If it has some edgewear on it then it’s a futile attempt.

Q: Do you want to grade it just to have it in a PSA case, and because you like the card you want to keep it no matter what grade you get?
A: Yes, get it graded. But if you want something that will grade strongly yet still you want to just keep it for yourself then try and hold out finding another one.


I want to grade it for my collection. I was not to sure about the centering of the card and how it would affect the grade.

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The edgewears are tiny though. I’m fine with 9, but an 8 is a maybe. Maybe I’m being to picky.

If it is anything other than absolute pack fresh right to a sleeve, then it won’t get any better than an 8 likely. If you had 100 of those fresh out of the pack straight to PSA I would guess about 10% would be 10’s, 60% would be 9’s and 30% would be 8’s. Any kind of added wear from not being in a sleeve and you go way downhill.

Probably cheaper/easier/less headache to just sell your raw copy and buy it graded. I have seen so many pack fresh perfect looking XY/BW full arts end up with 8’s. It’s a tough business. If that specific card has sentimental value though, just grade it through the forum (@smpratte) for $11 or whatever it is and don’t have your hopes up for anything higher than an 8.

You will have to pay for shipping one way or the other.

wait till you got like 10 or more cards to do your first submission… tingz be very exhilaration on first grading journey :rage: