Shipping to the UK

Hey, anyone know how to send cards to the UK safely and cheap with tracking? Trying to reduce shipping cost for a potential buyer.

Do you mean with avoiding import fees for your buyer?

There isn’t a cheap tracked method from US to UK.

Not the import fees, just the delivery fees only. Cheapest track method is registered mail ($13.65 addition to the postage)

That would be correct. That is as good as it gets as of the last price hike.

The cheapest is actually first class “del con” but is only available through ebay. It will have delivery confirmation and takes typically around 2 weeks to arrive.

Please get signature verification to the U.K. I had 2 cases in the last year where they challenged the purchase / delivery, ‘stating they didn’t receive the goods’ etc

It was marked as sent, and I had to literally call up royal post, get the signature slip emailed to me, and prove it against the buyer in the dispute that it was his signature.

$13.65 sounds about right for registered mail. It’s definitely one of the more expensive areas to ship to globally.

and to ship from aswell ;D

The items are being shipped to @vodka , I don’t really think a signature is required

Leave it up to Russianstandard. Whatever happens he’ll be responsible based on his decision.
It is unreasonable for the buyer to want to save money AND make YOU responsible for any loss.

I wanted to save him money