International postage to the UK

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I have a question for US and UK collectors who buy and sell between countries.
I hear the global shipping program is a bad idea due to huge costs, and USPS as it uses parcel force when the item hits the UK.Parcel force charge £13 plus tax plus VAT if applicable.This makes it very expensive to buy if using them.

What would you suggest for shipping to the UK so I don’t have to pay over the odds.

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Sorry Greg but that was tough to follow. So let me just say this. Add the sellers shipping amount to what you’d like to pay for the item then bid accordingly. If you need info from the seller, get it all worked out before you bid especially if it’s a price or terms adjustment.
Hope that helps.

I agreed before hand that they will change the item and invoice through a different shipping method, due to $50 shipping and importing tax etc :slightly_frowning_face:
Just thought id see if any UK or US sellers/buyers have tips on the best way/more reasonable so its not extortionate.
I avoid global shipping and USPS from what I have read and seen…what do you guys think?

An extract I read(global shipping aswell as this would be crippling)

The USPS is a well known and recognised USA mail carrier with a good reputation. When however, you use USPS to ship items outside of the USA, they then use local mail carriers to delivery to the final destination. In the case of shipping to the United Kingdom, USPS for some unknown reason have chosen to use Parcel Force to deliver to the final destination. There are however some problems with this…

  1. Parcel Force will charge you £13 ($23) just to clear your item through customs, and that charge is passed on to the receipient, and not included in the USPS shipping charge.

  2. Despite Charging you the £13 ($23) to clear your goods, Parcel Force have no interest in or accept any liability for failure to clear your item, or to clear it correctly.

  3. They tell you about this charge by eventually sending out a standard INVOICE to your delivery address asking you to pay the value BEFORE they will deliver your item.

UK Customs

Anything shipped to the UK that is not a gift, documents, or books incurs VAT (Value Added Tax) at a rate of 17.5%. A good percentage of items also incur a DUTY of anything from 2% to 6% depending on the “description” of the goods on the shipping label.

Let’s say it’s one PSA card shipped from US to UK. 1st class costs about 13.50. If you pay via “family/friends” then I’ll mark any value you’d like on the customs form. You’d save the money but you’d have to take the risk.