Shipping Question: UK -> US pricing

Hey guys.

So I’m currently in the works of making a big purchase for some cards.

The seller is in the UK, and is asking a bit much imo for him to ship them to me.

Does any UK collectors here know what Insurance + Shipping would cost for something in the $750+ Range?

I’m from the UK.

It depends on total weight of the parcel and the size.
Below is an example:

Based on a parcel weight of 2KG and the combined length + width + depth of the parcel is no more than 300cm and including insurance up to £500 (approx $780), i was able to get a shipping price of £59.20 without tracking and £67.15 with tracking.

Both using service by


Yeah royal mail are generally quite expensive. Maybe ask if they can get a fedex or ups quote too?

Parcel2go is what I use. Fedex next day international shipping costs around £32+ depending on the weight but for insurance you have to pay a couple percent of the amoubt you want to insure it by. I personally dont insure packages as iv never had a problem with fedex.

If it fits in a Medium Flat Rate Box with just the Regular Insurance cost of $50, then it will cost about $60 to ship.

His enquiring for shipping from the UK toUSA.