Share your dex binders

Hey guys, i have a new goal. Its in the early stages still but very exciting to me. Its a dex binder where I will be focusing on modern special arts unless a vintage card strikes my fancy to fit in a slot. I will be doing the full pokedex across two binders I just bought.

As you are about to see, i only have about 60 cards or so so this will be taking a long time to complete, and i plan on doing all forms of all pokemon.

Here is a sneak peak, anyway I’m looking for inspiration. Has anyone done anything similar? How about a different take on the same idea. Pls share with photos if you can


loooollll I’m doing the same thing. I have two binders though, one for alt/full arts and another for wotc. I’m only doing gen 1/2 for both to stay focused.

I don’t mind that the modern binder will require shifting with each new set, I leave a gap or two on each page to accommodate and leave a space for a few cards that are inevitable (sar gyarados).


I love this, a great way to get around the difficulty of selecting either a modern or vintage choice. Why not both? Haha


This was something I was thinking about doing too. Keep us updated!

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I had the idea of doing a national Dex binder but with promo cards only. I thought about this idea when @nintenbox0731 showed off his national Dex binders. This would help me stay within my collection goals and also do something other than just ticking off the promo lists.

For the Pokemon which do not have a promo card released yet, I would keep it blank or fill it with a different artwork which appeals to me. It is just an idea for now, but maybe yours and other threads end up being an inspiration for me to start.

Thanks for sharing.



I kinda abandoned this collection goal, but here is my National Index collection of gens 1-7 including all forms/Mega/Shiny/gender differences/etc.: National Index including all Forms & Shiny Pokémon (W.I.P.)



This collection is awesome and so thorough, grats man

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This is so cool !! :heart_eyes:

I started my vintage bootleg collection by building a pokedex, unfortunately in my binders they are stored as sets (and i’ve recentered the collection a bit) but I’ve posted a few years ago on a secondary instagram account (@bootleg_nidoking_) a pokedex of vintage bootleg cards (which gets quits funky)


A dream of mine too! I would love to do one with only art rares/illustration rares for the orignal 151. My theory is that Pokemon will release one of each during the Scarlet & Violet block, whatcha guys think?

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I don’t think every one of the 151 will get an AR/SAR, but I do think one of each family will. Caterpie and Beedrill are good examples, I don’t think we’ll see any others from their lines.
But! I’d love to be proven wrong.

This is actually something I am currently working on! It’s both fun because you have to wait until some cards get a full art, and for others you have to pick your favorite which can be quite tough.

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Late response but its nice to know my collection somewhat inspired someone else’s collection goals!
Here is a link to my dex collection archive for the thread OP to take a look at:

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