Shadowless zard psa 9 vs unlimited zard psa 10

Hi guys, the price for both shadowless psa 9 and unlimited psa 10 charizard are about the same… I got the funds for 1 but im not sure which one to get. A gem grade seems to have higher ceiling?

Any inputs?

I had same dilemma I chose PSA 10 unlimited even though o think Shadowless looks better. Just my thought was I graded a lot of base unlimited and never got a 10 but have graded only a handful of shadowless and got two nines so it’s been an easier thing to get for me. But I think Shadowless just looks better ha

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I would say that only applies to a PSA 9 and a PSA 10 of the same card. Shadowless and unlimited are not the same card.
Buy the one you like more

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When it comes to both cards you mentioned, I expect similar growth. Unlimited was worth more for a long time and then Shadowless caught up and there has even been a short period of time where Shadowless 9 was worth more. Now they’re back to the same value again. I don’t think you can go wrong with either card.

If you go for the 10, make sure you’re happy with the condition though. If it were me, I’d buy a Shadowless and Unlimited 9. Then you have both and there’s no dilemma. :blush:
I’m just not a big fan of paying 10x the price for a 10, when it looks just about the same as a solid 9.

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Thats a tough one. Shadowless is awesome but a 10 is a 10. Gem mint.

go with your gut.

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Even assuming you could make accurate predictions based on past performance, it’s anybody’s guess as to what will happen, since past trends vis-à-vis the two cards have not been consistent.

I would just buy the one you like, as others have said. For me, that would be the shadowless 9, since I have never found the aesthetic differences between 9s and 10s to be commensurate with the gap in price, whereas the visual differences between shadowless and unlimited is very stark, and I much prefer the shadowless card colors, but obviously YMMV.

Buy with your instinct and buy what you would enjoy owning.

Can’t even look at it by the pop as the numbers are to the point where there will be consistent amounts of them on eBay at most times.

Shadowless: Just over 400 in PSA 9

Unlimited: Just over 353 in PSA 10

As there is so many, pick up the one you want now, and make a goal to grab the other down the road. Like I said, with the large saturated quantity there is currently, it would take someone buying a great deal off the market to move the price higher and higher. The climb will continue to rise but I don’t see any issue in buying one now and then grabbing one for the same price point within a year.

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What @blue said. I’ve talked about this before in a old post when shadowless 9 was way less than a unlimited 10. To sum things up in the long run there is way less print runs of shadowless over unlimited and theoretically unlimited will overtack shadowless in psa count when comparing the 2. Right now though get the one you want most and just check the count every now and then if you start to notice a change that could tip the value of a shadowless 9 becoming way more valuable then get one and sell the 10 unlimited or better yet keep both if you can afford it later on :blush:. You really can’t go wrong with either one right now.

Edit: here is the link to the post I made a while back Here . Hope it helps you.


I remember your post. People thought you were crazy and maybe 2-3 months later we had Shadowless 9s in the $2500-3000 range. :grin:``
It probably would still be worth close to that($2000 at the very least), but there’s just too much supply on the market atm. I remember when I was looking for my own 9 back in October it took me about a month to find it. Nowadays, you just go to ebay and there’s like 10 copies available.
The same happened with a lot of cards actually. There isn’t an unlimited supply of these cards though, wether they’re pop 1 or 1000 they’re bound to end up in private collections.

Very true. That’s the common misconception about the market right now. The reason why some cards are so easy to find right now has nothing to do with increased supply. Supply remains generally the same and once that supply is overtaken by demand of long term collector’s seeking 5+ years investments the market will become dry for many cards that’s are current easy finds.

I say GO SHADOWLESS. Which one has the more limited market? Shadowless. Which one has the bigger opportunity to sky rocket in price? Shadowless.

While they are both similar now, it is possible for shadowless to grow greatly because of availability and desire. It also looks better, so I say go with the 9 zard. I just picked up an 8 myself.

See which one you can get the best deal on and go with that. Chase the other later.

Shadowless PSA 9 Zard for a few reasons:

There are very few shadowless packs on ebay vs unlimited. So I see even more unlimited 10s getting graded.

Shadowless is more scarce

Shadowless looks better

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