Shadowless Ninetales-Missing Attack

Anyone has an idea about the shadowless ninetales with the missing attack error?

How much would a PSA 9 be? The pop report shows only 2 and only 16 graded.

The best you could do is extrapolate from current ebay listings and past
A BGS 7 sold for $710 and a CGC 8 is available for $2000, those are the most informative datapoints. Something around 2k seems reasonable for that condition but the unknown factor is the PSA premium since they don’t grade the card anymore. If someone really wants it in a PSA case maybe they are willing to pay a lot more. But that premium is impossible to estimate, especially without sales history.

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No damage ninetales is now graded again by PSA since around half a year ago I think, with its own designation and own pop report and all.


That’s correct, PSA has resume grading the missing attack Ninetales. Those that are graded with the standard label do include some missing attack but how many people would resend their card to PSA to correct the label?

In the first 2 weeks the pop was immediately up to 8 or 9 iirc. So quite a bit of cards were sent back in.

You could probably check the certs from this thread:

The cards were probably just sent back in, so you could see if the certs are still just shadowless or if they are changed to no damage shadowless, then you can see which ones are new and which ones are sent back in.

As for a datapoint, I got an offer for $750 for my PSA 6, no money was exchanged so do with that info as you will.

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The sources on most of them don’t work so it’s hard to figure it out as well. Even with that extensive list, the pop is pretty low. I still think the price for a PSA 9 is still elusive given the data. I suppose it all depends on how much a person would pay for one.

There is actually one PSA 9 data point earlier this year! There was one auctioned and sold for $8,170 on PWCC, and it was paid for.


Oct 27, 2020 sale


I stand corrected on whether PSA grades these.

@cinnaminhbun, @hypernova,
The one complicating piece is that those may have been sold before PSA started grading them again? The current label says “Shadowless-Missing Attack” so I’m wondering how much of that price is for the card and how much is the premium to get in into the slab, as I mentioned in my first post. Or maybe because there’s just not really any PSA 10s, this would be what someone who wants the best possible grade would pay today? Either way, I’m just thinking out loud and at the very least these are good ceiling prices.

I think that’s more accurate on the prices. Some people were saying it’s worth around 1-2k.i thought it was much higher since the rarity along with the history would fetch it a better price.

How have I not been tagged in this thread?!?! I know a thing or two about these cards! Haha

First Off, PSA semi-recently re-started grading (and designating) the No Damage Ninetales. However, there are a decent amount of PSA Graded Copies that were graded as being Shadowless Ninetales. So, I wouldn’t put much weight into PSA POP Report. I haven’t submitted any of my PSA Copies in for a re-holder; but, I am definitely planning to do-so at some point in the future and that’ll at-least double the entire POP.

Now, in-terms of pricing… There was a PWCC eBay Auction (PSA 9) that sold for $8,170.00 and then another eBay BIN (PSA 9) that sold for $8,000.00 that same night - I had lost PWCC Auction and immediately offered $8,000.00 on a BIN Copy (Offer Accepted). However, both of those sales were back a couple of months ago at this point. There was a semi-recent (2ish Months Ago?) eBay Sale (PSA 9) for $4,000.00ish - forget the exact sale-price; but, it was around there.

I’m a bit biased when it comes to valuing these cards; but, here’s where I value them / purchase them at…

PSA 1 through PSA 4 = $500.00
PSA 5 = $750.00
PSA 6 = $1,000.00
PSA 7 = $1,250.00
PSA 8 = $2,500.00
PSA 9 = $5,000.00


What about for a 10?

PSA 10

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So whats that in todays climate, 30k ? 50k ?