PSA 10 No Damage Ninetales?

I’m not too big into graded cases, but I do like the idea of buying higher end items that have been graded / authenticated to know exactly what I am getting. Is there a way to search if a Gem Mint No Damage Ninetales exists? I’ve owned many ungraded “excellent” ones and a PSA 8 in the past, and I’ve seen a PSA 9 floating around from time to time on eBay. I’m trying to collect 9 of every Vulpix and Ninetales card, and this is probably my favorite Ninetales of them all that have been released to date, so if at all possible I’d like to track down a gem mint one. Thanks in advance for any help / replies!

PSA does not currently label No Damage Ninetales and regular shadowless Ninetales as separate cards, they all get the generic ‘shadowless’ label assigned. As far as i know, PSA 9 is the highest grade this card has achieved.

Acebren is correct on all accounts and a PSA 9 is as high of a grade as I recall for a no damage error.

Does anyone on E4 happen to know where this PSA Mint 9 Ninetales is hidden? I know it was listed on eBay a few months ago; not sure if the seller is still looking to sell. If the seller is someone on E4; let me know! I would be interested in working something out!

Pretty sure there’s a PSA 10 floating around. I could be wrong but I think there’s an old Pokegym thread that mentions it.

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The charizard authority on ebay. He had it in a lot of other psa9+ misprints for like $11,000 it did not sell so he probably still has it. I want it too lol but can’t afford it right now

I know he has a copy in his personal collection. Someone else had it listed on eBay a few months back for 1K - I just did not have the proper funds back then to scoop it up :slightly_frowning_face:

I did score a pretty good deal on a very very close to NM front excellent back ungraded one on eBay for $220. Cheapest and best condition one for sale at the moment, least I’ve spent on one so far as well, had to jump on the opportunity. Probably overall would be psa 7-7.5 if I had to guess.

There are at least 3 PSA 9 copies out there and 1 loose copy that should at least get a 9 (collector who doesn’t grade). One guy is in Europe & it was a gift from his father & doesn’t want to sell. Another was the eBay one. I made an unconditional-whenever you want- 1k offer on the ninetales, but the guy wanted like 1.15 or 1.2k. Yeah, we were close, but at the time 1k was a solid offer. He took it down as he wanted to “wait & potentially get more”. He may have sold it, idk. Imo, I believe he got sick of messages.


You made a 1k offer on a 9? As far as anyone knows there are no 10s as of now? Whether psa or bgs? I prefer bgs cases and labels, purely for aesthetic purposes, but I know psa is preferred by most.

That is correct, there are no 10’s, at least one with the error label. The card is one of the rarest original error cards, and only has a rumored source that has never been confirmed.

Thanks to my dad :

P.S. it’s not for sale :wink:



:wink: :wink: :wink:

Would be a nice card to have… I don’t know how many ninetales I’ve gone through… Hundreds and hundreds… And never found one in years of collecting.

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I’ve always wanted at PSA 7 or higher copy. Most of the copies that make it to be eBay are Ex condition so I’ve never had a chance. Any idea for a PSA 7 price? Or 8 for that matter? Or 9?

@tony, I sold a PSA 8 a year or two ago for $800.


I don’t know if I can revive an ancient thread. But I’ve been thinking about this card for years. At least one PSA 10 copy certainly exists: my no.1 collecting regret is not buying it when it popped up on eBay around 2012. It was listed ~$700 buy it now, and I told myself I’d sleep on it because the price was so high. Of course it was sold before I got to sleep that night, and I regretted almost immediately. I wish I’d saved the listing picture, but I saw it and I’ve never been able to unsee it. It haunts me.


If you saw it in 2012 then there’s at least 2. Another was graded in 2016 and sold for $6,000 to a European politician. Said collector has never sold a card.


Just checked your profile and you haven’t posted since a couple years before I joined this site :open_mouth: You been thinking about it for 5 years?

Since then, the card still isn’t recognized as an error by PSA.

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Do we know which politician it is? Or does the politician not want to be publicly known for his collection?

Would be rather cool to see a politician from more than one side