Shadowless 2-player decks sealed

So I have one more sealed Shadowless 2-player deck, after all my Machamps have been coming back 9s (and needing a 10) I am debating selling it and just buying a 10 instead of pressing my luck. Besides sold copies from sellers who don’t know the difference, I don’t think I’ve seen many for sale to price them (I know godpratte has an open one for sale), any idea on pricing?

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If you figure out a price let me know!

would love to buy it since I’m after the 10 set myself!

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Will let you know if I decide to sell and a price.

There currently isn’t a market for sealed shadowless decks. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable buying some of the “guaranteed” sealed shadowless decks on ebay. It will be difficult to establish a market for the decks as there will be a ton of mislabeled listings.

It is probably better to buy the psa 10 machamp outright. I opened around 20 starter decks, graded all of the machamps and only one was a 10. A lot were 8’s. The centering is bad, and most had edge wear as @joetehman mentioned.

My last psa 10 champ copy sold for $400. I would estimate the value a bit higher moving forward. It is going to be one of the more expensive cards as 1st Edition collectors need it as well.

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