Set of the Fortnight #42 - PCG-P Promos & PokéPark

Time for another random pick from the remaining sets. This time the random picker choose PCG-P Promos (and I’ve included the mini PokéPark sets).

PCG-P Promotional cards & PokéPark Premium

Favorite cards in the setWorst cards in the setHow you feel about this set in general
The Japanese PCG-P Promos spanned from January 2003 to August 2006. The PCG era would be the second half of the English ex era. As for the PokéPark Forest and PokéPark Blue mini sets: those were released on March 18, 2005 with 9 cards each, for which the artworks form one join illustration. 13 out of these 18 artworks were not released outside of Japan.



The PCG-P Promos contain some of my favorite Pikachu artworks:

As well as a solid Seviper artwork:

Some other artworks I really like are these three:



@quuador, personally I love the PokePark Forest Pikachu, Munchlax and Latias as well as the PCG-P Promos Regice and Touch Exchange! the most :blush:. Which do you hate?

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I don’t hate any of them tbh. If I had to pick the one I dislike the most out of all of them, it’s probably the Persian ex:

But it’s still far from bad. Imo none of the PCG-P promos are bad.


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Yes!! These are quality cards. I loooove PokePark Blue and I have a full graded set of it. I’m also going after a graded set of PokePark forest but I’ve noticed PokePark Forest cards seem to be harder to come by than blue for some reason.

And PCG-Promos have some quality cards too! This is such a great era. I’ll post some of my favorites from these sets:

Here’s my full PokePark Blue set. The Rayquaza is one of my top favorite cards of all time :blush:


Damn you for choosing these promos, there’s so many options to like and compare! :grin:
I’ve thought for a long time that both Pokepark folders are amazing lesser sealed items and I’m happy to own both, each of the 9 Pokemons look stunning in large artworks.

From actual PCG-P promos I’d have to pick 2006 Battle Road Mew as favourite, special mentions go to CoroCoro Venusaur + Blastoise. :blush:

Pokepark Forest is a bit harder to find because it includes unique Pikachu which wasn’t printed in english. For some time I also thought Blue is much more desirable version.


Loads of great cards in there.

Spectacular Saur, Stoise n Zard

Nice eeveelutions, especially like the Vaporeon.

Many many great Mews. I like these in particular. Left has awesome background color scheme, right one looks like it comes straight out of the GameCube


Here I go again, buying a bunch of cards I haven’t seen before impulsively


oh boy pcg-p. I remember trying to finish the pcg-p energy collection, but I gave up on finding pcg-p 55-60 set.

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This whole promo set has top tier art

One of the best Stadiums of all time.

This Manaphy with the plane is also gorgeous.


I just picked up a blue pokepark set myself!

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Love the Celebi card from blue

my favourite pokepark product, the Forest Sheet. The artwork on the back matches the cards inside and its honestly beautiful. all art done by Kanako Eo

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There’s a lot of great art here but these two are my favourites (I might be biased tho):