Set of the Fortnight #38 - EX Power Keepers

It’s been a while again. The random set picker has chosen EX Power Keepers this time:

EX Power Keepers
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EX Power Keepers was the final set of the EX era, released in February 14, 2007. Since there were no new Japanese sets at the time, Nintendo created new cards, making this set the first since Team Rocket to use original cards outside of Japan. As a result, many cards feature artwork of Ken Sugimori (since his artworks are widely available) plus background images from various sources.



Here some random favorites (I especially like that Raichu artwork):

I also really like this bored looking Ralts. I can imagine a lot of people look like that right now at home as well due to you know what. :slightly_smiling_face:

This set also contains the Eeveelutions Gold Star cards, of which the Vaporeon is my favorite (although all three are cool).

And last, but certainly not least, this set contains two cards for the collection of my favorite Pokémon, and pretty solid artwork as well.



I love the Salamance ex. Beautiful artwork :slight_smile:


Sometimes simple is the best.


The Absol ex is my favorite in this set. Love the Salamence ex too since it reminds me of a damn Muppet for some reason. The set art is just great in general


oh yeah and I’m pretty sure that Flygon ex is lifted from the shot of a famous Jordan card where Jordan is hanging in the air going in for a dunk.

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Overrated gold stars.
Meh EX cards.
Awesome non-holos.

This Charizard is by far one of the most forgotten!


One of my least favorite ex series sets. Forgettable artwork/illustrations/backgrounds on the holos especially.

EX Power Keepers is what a ex set would have looked like if one was create/printed during the BASE/JUNGLE/FOSSIL era. Stock Sugimori art placed over backgrounds. :blush:

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This set is like the Roaring Skies or Evolutions of the late 2000’s. You could find these packs in blisters and tins deep into the Diamond & Pearl era.

Also this was one of the most faked sets for some reason. That might be anecdotal but I remember seeing fake Flygon & Metagross ex’s everywhere when I was a kid. I remember specifically NOT buying those packs of fake cards in chinatown because it was just more Power Keepers.

Not crazy about this set, but a handful of cards are pretty nice. I think this is my favorite.


I went to the Prerelease and pulled a Flygon ex. I bought a pretty minty Jolteon Gold Star for $30 in 2015.

That’s about as memorable as that set gets for me.

This set has some cool memories for me. This prerelease is the first event my mother ever attended with me, and she’s now more involved in Pokemon than I am. She had some good pulls too - she got a Flygon ex, Metagross ex and Shiftry ex. I think I got a Walrein.

I won a booster box at a regionals in April '07, and yeah this set was printed like crazy. To be fair, we got Crystal Guardians and Dragon Frontiers like crazy too. The most playable unique card we got was Absol ex, and some cool reprints like Delcatty and Steven’s Advice.

Finally, this is my favorite artwork from the set:


I like Pokémon artwork with rainbows in the background, so the fact EX Power Keepers has a Pichu like this is fantastic.


Good set for for stadiums, having the all of the Hoenn elite 4 stadiums and the Battle Frontier @quuador posted above.
My favourite of them’s gotta be Glacia’s

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I feel Power Keepers is a little bit forgotten compared to other ex sets. However there are some nice art in there too as in every ex set :blush:

Oh and a random memory - I once opened an error Power Keepers booster pack that didn’t include a rare. And no it was not a resealed pack, it came from a tin. Rip. I still have the Glalie reverse I got from that pack :grin:

Here are my favorites from Power Keepers:

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Ah, I hate error packs that are a disadvantage. :slightly_frowning_face: I once bought a Legendary Collections pack and pulled two of the same Common Slowpoke in it. That, combined with the fact I had never seen these Reverse Foils before; bought it on a second hand market; and they were reprints from earlier sets, I thought the pack was fake for quite a while, haha. Unfortunately I traded away the Reverse Foil Moltres I pulled for an Ancient Mew as a kid (although I did buy the Moltres again last year for nostalgia sake).

I’ve also seen packs where all cards were Reverse Foils. That kind of error packs I wouldn’t mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Ninetales in this set is amazing

This guy came out of his PSA submission pile just in time to make a cameo in this thread. Pulled this last week - had no idea there was a Charizard in this set was hoping for EXs.