Set of the Fortnight #21 - D&P Secret Wonders

Suggested by @aquaz , this time the set D&P Secret Wonders:

D&P Secret Wonders
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The third Diamond & Pearl era set. This set mainly focuses on the Legendary Pokémons Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai in the Japanese set, but not in the English. This is because Nintendo wanted to have them released simultaneously with the English movie. Both the regular and LV.X versions of these three Pokémon were therefore skipped for this set, and replaced with Gardevoir, Roserade, Electivire, Magmortar, Weavile, Roselia, Electabuzz, Magmar, Gardevoir LV.X, and Hunchkrow LV.X. This set was released near the end of 2007 and contains 132 cards.



This was the most memorable DP release for me. I remember when it dropped, I thought the Holo Pokemon choices were good. The Blastoise was a power creep upgrade of Base set. Which today would need another steroid injection:

The C/U artwork was nice as well:

There were a few classic Sugimori:

This card always reminds me of the DP era. I initially saw this as a japanese promo. The artwork is quality:


Almost forgot to post something myself… :wink:

Loads of great Pokémon poses with awesome backgrounds. Especially some of the evolution lines.

Electabuzz & Electivire for example:

Some other awesome cards (apart from the ones Scott already showed):

And although I’ve never been a fan of the Pokémon itself, this card of Jynx looks pretty good as well. Still remember pulling the Reverse Holo of this a long time ago:



Such a quality, well-executed set, great artwork and diverse pokemon species chosen makes it one of my favorite post-WOTC sets.


a.k.a. the holo bleed set :grin:

Probably ties with Majestic Dawn as my favorite D&P set; the holo lineup is amazing. You have:

  • All 3 Kanto starters
  • All the Johto legends sans Celebi
  • MEW!
  • Gardevoir & Gallade
  • Hoenn’s 2 best non-legendary dragons
  • The only holo appearance by Gastrodon in the TCG
  • Amphy!

I recently opened up a 36-pack lot of the set and pulled 14 holos, 13 with bleed, no Lv.X.

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Aaah I love this set! It’s fighting for the spot of my favorite DP set together with Majestic Dawn. There are lots of cool artworks on this set and I love the holo pattern on the holo cards! It’s also cool how there are so many holo bleeds - I actually thought for the longest time that the holos were meant to be like that.

Roseanne’s Research definitely is a trainer card that defines the DP era like @smpratte mentioned. It was played in every deck! I like the art on it a lot as well. I’d very much welcome a reprint of it for today.

Here are some of my favorite cards that haven’t been posted yet. The Gardevoir holo is definitely my number one card from it. For some reason I always loved the Charmander card a lot too. There was a time I was seeking for a reverse holo of it years ago but nobody seemed to have one. That’s so strange now that I think about it.

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