Sept 7 - Sept 13, 2014 - Dark Slowbro - Team Rocket

Card of the Week Sept 7-13 2014
Team Rocket - Dark Slowbro

I recently acquired this card and could not believe the artwork in person, so here I am featuring it as a card of the week (and perhaps my first contribution to card of the week?). But anyway, in person the best thing about the card is the colour of the background which doesn’t come through quite as well via scan. It’s a fascinating (and I can’t stretch this enough) light green metallic colour that you very rarely see on cards. The Team Rocket expansion in general had REALLY cool holographic card colours/backgrounds and were a nice set of cards as a whole. This card is also one of those holos that really shines, and I know many appreciate that gleaming effect.

What’s also really cool is the artwork itself. Slowbro has this malevolent look of “Come at me, bro” but in that deep and lazy Slowbro tone. And there’s the silhouette of the Rocket minion in the background (and within the hoo), almost controlling the Dark Slowbro’s actions. The lines of the Rocket face to Slowbro and then from Slowbro’s eyes out of the card is really well done and gives me that dark controlling effect. Even the bivalve on his tail looks evil. This is one nifty piece of art!

Thoughts on this card anyone? If it’s in your binder somewhere, dig it out and appreciate the colour of the holo in person!


team rocket is hands down my favorite wotc expansion. The tone is just so dark and eerie. Not to mention the rocket’s secret machines… GOOP GAS ATTACK

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Slowbro: “Take your best shot bro. You ain’t messin’ with my backside.” :blush:

I think this is true for the original WOTC sets. Perhaps it is because I have viewed them more than others, but each one has its own style, and Rocket is for sure dark. Dat dark charmeleon!

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…they even managed to make Gloom look badass


My Face after looking at that dark Charmeleon

dark golduck tho…


Dark Golduck gets my vote

Has the coolest move name imo too: “third eye”

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Team Rocket is one of the most underrated sets in Pokemon.

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Love the set, love the artwork. Team Rocket is simply another fantastic WOTC expansion (no surprise though when the majority of the cards were designed by Sugimori, Arita and Himeno). It is funny you pointed out Dark Slowbro because this was my favorite for a very long time also. Imo the green background goes perfectly with the purple from the rest of the card and also Aritas illustration expresses the dark theme perfectly.

But to be honest there are so many great cards in this set, it makes it hard to choose a favorite. For example I really like Dark Dugtrio, Dark Golbat or Dark Charizard (we must not forget about Dark Raichu too).


Amazing @angryarcanine!! I totally agree, I’ve fallen in love with how the green and purple go together, and overall the artwork is just so awesome and evil. I’m going to post another Team Rocket’s card for the COTW tomorrow until someone else wants to take over, suggestions? :blush:

How about oddish, with his little frog friend :slight_smile:

That’s a cool one! I always found it a bit too washed out, but I loved that they went for a really watercolour Pokemon card

Rockets secret machines! Great show of diverse artwork from Kizuki

My absolute favorite of the set must be blastoise, but I guess we’re looking for some overlooked gems here.

I love how the dugtrio just broke into someones bedroom. Or what about golduck, what possessed him to use that attack in the middle of the ocean?

I don’t much care for Rapidash and Wartortle.

i think in light of the new set recently released we should pick: Imposter Oak’s revenge. That Gengar looks absolutely menacing, that koffing is one of the best koffings ever and that Oak is just awesome with his Superman curl. And it plays on the fact that more “imposters” trying to be the new rocket are flaring up in the series :wink:

My suggestion. They actually foreshadowed a Giovanni card before it was released in Gym Challenge. Badass.

Great card and set!I allways have bad luck with the team rocket set though as 30% or more of the 1st edition team rocket holos I get have very poor top corners and I end up loosing a lot of money.Anyone else had this problem?