Oct 28th - Nov 3rd, 2014 - Entei ex - Team Magma v Team Aqua

Card of the week - Oct 28th - Oct 3rd, 2014
Entei ex - EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua

Team Magma and Team Aqua will be making their return in OR/AS, this set seems to be a little forgotten at times but it has some beautiful cards in it. One of my favourites is this Entei ex which I think is simple but magnificent.

What is your favourite card from the set?

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Beautiful set! My favorite card from this one is easily Cacturne.


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Entei ex is okay.

But if we’re critiquing EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua in general, I honestly think it’s the worst set ever. Every single Pokemon that is from Team Magma or Aqua (aka, nearly the entire set) is CGI. EVERY SINGLE ONE! The Pokemon selection is so painfully limited; looking past the huge amount of doubled up Pokemon, Rhyhorn, Baltoy, Electrike, Houndour, Carvanha and Corphish have three different cards… Poochyena and Mightyena are in the set FOUR TIMES.

The English set’s only saving grace is the mass of Japanese promos with Ken Sugimori’s Gen 3 stock art that they plopped into it despite having nothing to do with the theme at all. lol And normally I’m not even here for Sugimori stock art either but I still kind of have a soft spot of the ones they used, like Raichu, Squirtle and Meowth. I also like the Archie, Maxie and Grunt Trainers even though they named the male Grunts “Schemers” and the females “Conspirators” for some reason.

Oh… and I guess it’s the first set to get rid of that atrocious e-card format, isn’t it? Okay, it gets a pat on the back for that one as well.

Oct 28th - Oct 3rd, 2014…


I can’t wait for the mini set of Team Aqua and Team Magma honestly!

It’s been a long day, I only just noticed that… sigh.

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It will be up my ally.

I love shiny collection, battle boost, i bet i will like this one too.

@frost said pratically everything I think about this set. I like a lot the idea, and some of the holos are REALLY cool, look at Team Magma’s Houndoom or Team Aqua’s Cacturne, but the fact that every single card is in (often poor, like Rhydon, my god) CGI bugs me. Pokemon selection is also really repetitive and sometimes boring. There are some really interesting gems here and there, but I still think that the set can’t compete with Team Rocket returns. Overall it grew on me over time, nowadays I kinda like it, maybe cause it has some really nice EXes (Cradily EX was my second Ex ever pulled) and the holos and the trainers are really not too bad.
Also, it has two wonderful secret rares: Absol and Jirachi.

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I love this card only because I’m a sucker for the foil extended e-reader border. Also, I don’t mind the CG artwork, I think it’s cool seeing how the CG art progressed and this set really shows how bad it was back in the day. On a historic standpoint I think it’s cool, but on a purely aesthetic standpoint, the border is really all it’s got going for it.

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Finally! Someone else that loves the borders!

They get a lot of hate, but I really, really enjoy them.

They look nice for the ex cards but horrible for regular cards IMO.

Yeah, for EX cards they’re pretty nice!
Funny thing is that the first four EX sets lost their thick E-border when they were translated in italian, so there’s actually a version without the big border out there!

Might not be much of a surprise but I LOVE the Suicune EX of this set. Such a gorgeous card :heart_eyes:

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